Alcatel Move Time Kids Smartwatch & GPS Locator SW10 - Orange / Blue

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Enjoy true peace of mind knowing your children are safe and connected with the CareTime smartwatch from Alcatel. Featuring programmable pre-set contacts and GPS, so you'll always know who your kids are talking to and where they are.

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Why Buy?
Simple, safe smartwatch for kids
Register up to 5 numbers for your child to call
Built-in GPS locator lets you know where your child is
Set and customise your own "safe zones"
Simple, intuitive interface designed for children
IP65 rating protects your smartwatch against dust and water
Colourful, bold design stands out
Works off 2G Network (Sim Card Required)

Simple, safe smartwatch for kids

With the world becoming increasingly connected, having the latest tech while keeping your children safe from harm is getting harder and harder. Luckily, Alcatel is here with the Move Time Children's Smartwatch. Thanks to a rich feature set and bold, attractive colour scheme, your kids will feel good about wearing this watch, while you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a line to them at all times.

Register up to 5 numbers for your child to call

You'll never need to fear your children accidentally talking to strangers, or dialling wrong numbers, with the Alcatel Move Time smartwatch. This clever device's set of up to 5 pre-programmable contacts mean you and whoever you choose for the contact list will be recognised on the Move Time, so your child knows exactly who's calling and when. 

Your child can also make calls to these contacts, so they're always able to get in touch if they need you.

Built-in GPS locator lets you know where your child is

Using the free companion app for iOS and Android, you can track your child's location, meaning you're always aware exactly where they are.

Alcatel understands that your children's safety is paramount, so the Move Time uses a dedicated cloud service to ensure that location information is always as accurate, quick and useful as possible.

Set and customise your own "safe zones"

Only you will know where your child is safe and where they're not. That's why, with the Alcatel Move Time Children's Smartwatch, you can set your own "safe zones" (your road, for example, or a friend's house), and the free companion app will automatically notify you when your child moves out of these zones.

Simple, intuitive interface designed for children

Modern technology can be slightly intimidating, with many features, options and ways to customise your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. Alcatel's Move Time features a simple, straightforward interface that will never confuse your child, so they'll always be confident and able to reach you no matter where they are or what they're doing.

IP65 rating protects your smartwatch against dust and water

Children get into all kinds of scrapes, and Alcatel understands this. That's why the Move Time is rated IP65, ensuring total protection against dust damage while also keeping the watch safe from low-pressure jets of water. Minor spillages, falls or rain showers won't faze this watch, so there's no chance of your kids suddenly being stranded due to adverse weather or everyday mishaps.

Up to 5 days' battery life

You won't need to worry about the Alcatel Move Time suddenly dying on you. A powerful, long-lasting battery combined with an interface that draws barely any battery life means up to 5 days' continuous usage, so this watch can be a constant companion for your child.

Colourful, bold design stands out

As this smartwatch is aimed at younger kids, the design is extremely important. Alcatel have chosen a colour scheme for the Move Time which is bold, bright and stylish, so your child will love wearing the watch as much as you love knowing they're safe.

ALCATEL Move Time Kids Smartwatch SW10 for Kids, USB charging cable, manual

Technical data:
GPS receiver for exact position-fixing
Geotracking with app on parents smartphone
Geofencing: parents can be notified when children enter or leave a pre-set safe zone
SOS function
Talk time: up to 2 hrs.
Stand-by time: up to 96 hrs.
Nano-SIM needed
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
OLED display 0.95" (2.41cm)
Weight: less than 40g
Dimensions: 217.4 x 40 x 15.8 mm
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

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