Amazing Apple Watch Accessories


Wearable technology is taking the world by storm at the moment and none better than the Apple Watch. The fantastic piece of kit from the technology giants has had rave reviews across the globe, but some people can forget that it should be likened to any smartphone due to its fascinating capabilities, and therefore should be protected.

We all strive to find the perfect case, cover, screen protector or awesome add on for our smartphones, so why not for our wearable gadgets? Especially the Apple Watch, which will take a huge chunk out of your pocket if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one. At GadgetWear we stock the most diverse and must have collection for the Apple Watch range in the 38mm and 42mm choices, something for everyone.

The most essential piece you must have for any watch is a screen protector, just as you would for any smartphone. The face of the watch is the most precious and delicate part, and if you crack or damage the screen, it’s practically useless. We have a brilliant range of tough tempered glass screen protectors in stock that will offer the ultimate protection. Precisely cut to fit all Apple Watches perfectly, you have an option between several ranges, including HOCO, Nillkin and Zagg. Each will prevent those annoying fingerprint marks and smudges left on the screen, because don’t forget this isn’t an ordinary watch; you will be touching and navigating around it like any everyday smartphone. The brilliant screen protectors will also not take any of the touch sensitivity away from the gadget itself. A must have.

Next up, if you really want to take your Apple Watch to the next level and showcase your timepiece, and you’re not a fan of the Apple design or simply want to jazz it up a bit, then you’ll be a fan of our fantastic range of strap modifiers. Whether you want a sleek coloured leather watch strap in several colours, or a fancy piece of champagne style dazzling bling, the Case Mate collection has it all. They’re slightly more expensive, but your Apple Watch will be glad of the supreme quality. Why not purchase more than 1? That way you can have a different strap for every occasion, and it will also freshen up your timepiece, portraying the idea that you have a brand new watch on every day.

Not a fan of the Case Mate collection or put off by the price tag? No worries, you can still modify your Apple Watch at a more affordable price with the everyday genuine leather strap watches, which also have that classic buckle effect. Priced at only £8.99 and available in classic smooth colours, you can have a retro and vintage feel to your snazzy gadget whilst retaining all of the technology. With up to 12 notches engraved into the buckle, you can select the most comfortable for your wrist and even lend it to loved ones or friends as they can then select their optimum size, but make sure you get it back! In a modern day where we scramble to get the next best case and screen protector to stand guard over our expensive smartphones, we should be doing the exact same for our wearable technology, so join the technology revolution and kit out your Apple Watches today.


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