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The Gaming Gadget God - The Moga Rebel Bluetooth Controller

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Gaming in the 21st century has hit new heights lately, with the release of Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft X-Box One. Unfortunately these pieces of genius can set you back a few hundred pounds and leave a tasty hole in your pocket. Designers have been racking their brains lately however to combine the gaming and mobile market in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, step forward the Moga Rebel Bluetooth controller.

If you’re lucky enough to own either an iPhone or iPad, or in some cases even both, then this startling new gaming gadget will transform the way you play those addictive games ranging from Temple Run to Farmville all the way to the Scandinavian hit Clash of Clans. The patented MOGA S.M.R.T lock arm will allow you to securely attach the controller to your mobile or tablet device which in turn integrates the two together giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

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