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Brighten Your Life With The Microsoft Lumia 530

Microsoft have recently cancelled Nokia’s low end Android phones, including the Nokia’s Asha series. This is part of Microsoft culling 18,000 jobs from its workforce, mainly from Nokia. It’s quite harsh really, but a reality in the business take over World. The bigger guy gets to strip the smaller guy of everything, including people.
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Nokia Lumia 930 - Nokia's Next Flagship

Nokia has announced that its flagship, the Lumia 930, will go on sale in the U.K. on 17th July 2014, which is a Thursday, so skip over to your favourite cellphone shop during your lunch hour to check out the latest and the greatest from Nokia. The phone is also the first phone to run Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box. so you'll be able to get a look at that as well. The phone will be free on contract for about 33GBP per month. If you pre-order in the first two weeks, you will also receive an additional portable wireless charger, a Wireless Speaker, and a £20 voucher for the Windows Phone Store.
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Microsoft Launch Nokia X2 Android Phone

Now that Microsoft has bought out Nokia, the company has launched an Android phone, which seems a bit counter intuitive. Microsoft has said, however, that it will not allow any viable phone operating system market to remain unexplored. Clearly, Microsoft want to get into the phone market in a big way, no matter what it takes. The phone comes with a tiles interface similar to Windows phone 8.0, but it is clear that the phone is not a true Windows phone at a glance, although some effort has gone into creating the WP interface on the Android phone.
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