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The Sony Zesty Z Collection Is Back in the Z5 & Z5 Compact

It’s often said that the best things in life come in small packages, and notoriously the Compact collection from Sony lives up to that reputation. The feisty and popular mini smartphones boast a range of impressive statistics and features, all packed into a pocket friendly sized gadget.

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Moto G 3rd Generation - A GadgetWear Review

We all want the latest piece of technology, but can end up paying an arm and leg to get our hands on it. There is a new trend emerging, and that is the budget blasting smartphones creeping onto the UK market. You no longer have to pay £600 upwards or take out a £40p/m contract to have a smartphone, and the latest offering from Motorola hits the nail on the head with a rough estimate of only £150 if you shop around.

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RooCase - Bounce Into The New Era Of Cases

In the modern day it cannot be stressed how important it is to fully protect your expensive handsets with a sturdy and robust case that will protect the luxury item inside from everyday bumps, drops, knocks and scratches. Unfortunately if you want the ultimate defender you can sometimes pay an arm and a leg and the case comes across as bulky and unattractive. The fantastic new case collection from the RooCase brand is currently aimed at the iPhone market, and boy do they deliver on all fronts.

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Outstanding Olixar - The Creative Geniuses

We absolutely love a bit of unique technology in the office here at GadgetWear, and when that is formed into brilliant everyday items that we have never seen before, it always blows our mind. One of the best brands on the current market is the fantastic Olixar collection. The clever boffins behind this range have come up with endless everyday pieces of technology, that when you use, you can’t quite understand how you’ve coped without them before. Read on to see our handpicked favourites from the brilliant new age geniuses.

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Apple iPad Air 2 - The Best In The Business?

When Apple launched the iPad Air it ripped up the textbook on how a tablet device should look and operate, and the iPad Air 2 has gone to great lengths to once again break down the mould set by other tablets to create an absolutely superb piece of technology. What exactly sets this device apart from the rest I hear you ask? Well if you’re in the market for a brand new tablet or are intrigued by Apple’s offering, then read on to be astounded at just how incredible the Air 2 is.


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iOS 9 - What To Expect - A Complete GadgetWear Rundown

The hotly anticipated iOS 9 firmware download is due to hit the public domain in the coming weeks and there are many rumoured features and improved aspects to wow the Apple consumers. We have therefore decided to compile all these rumours and features into one easily accessible blog for your reading pleasure.

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Olixar Anti Lost Device - The Essential Gadget EVERYBODY Needs

Over the weekend I had the dreaded moment where I fumbled around my pockets and behind the sofa cushions frantically searching for my car keys as I was late for an appointment when I had the Eureka lightbulb experience and remembered I own the fantastic Olixar Anti Lost Device. One simple click later on my smartphone device and I was back in business. It struck me that not many of the readers may have heard of this device before, but if you read on you will see it is the next essential necessity that will sweep across the nations homes in the coming months and years, and you can get your hands on one here first at GadgetWear.

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Moto G3 - The Budget Blasting Smartphone

We’ve all been there, a brand new shiny smart phone is released, and then 6 months later it’s already old news as a newer version is released, and we feel we have wasted a lot of money. The brand new Moto G3 handset has arrived to save the day, and has officially been announced as the best budget smartphone around.

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Jabra Sports Plus - The Ultimate Bluetooth Workout Buddy

It is widely known that the Beats range dominates the market in terms of the most common method of listening to music, but we are big fans in the office of the Jabra range if you’re a fitness fanatic and enjoy listening to music whilst working out in a comfortable manner. Fitness and gym going is a massive trend at the moment, and Jabra goes hand in hand with that demanding market.

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