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Outstanding Olixar - The Creative Geniuses

We absolutely love a bit of unique technology in the office here at GadgetWear, and when that is formed into brilliant everyday items that we have never seen before, it always blows our mind. One of the best brands on the current market is the fantastic Olixar collection. The clever boffins behind this range have come up with endless everyday pieces of technology, that when you use, you can’t quite understand how you’ve coped without them before. Read on to see our handpicked favourites from the brilliant new age geniuses.

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GadgetWear's Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and undoubtedly our old man is in the toughest category when it comes to purchasing the perfect gift. Today we offer you the perfect 8 items available to purchase with free UK delivery for all the hard working dads out there, no matter their age, general preferences or your price budget, we have something for everyone.


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MIPOW - Light Up Your Life - Bluetooth Lightbulbs For Your Home

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One of our bestselling collections here at GadgetWear is the fantastic MIPOW Bluetooth range. Available in a variety of formats, ranging from Bluetooth candles to Bluetooth speakers and many more. I am here today though to talk specifically about the MIPOW Bluetooth speaker collection.

It has reason to be one of the top sellers, and I am here to tell you why you need MIPOW to light up your life today. The everyday lightbulb has one boring job to do, and that is to be screwed in and to provide light to your home. In the modern day there are new crazes everyday emerging, based on energy efficient methods and there is a greater support of eco-friendly devices than we have ever seen before. The collection starts at just £34.99 on our website, there are of course cheaper options, but they are far inferior to what the MIPOW range offers.

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