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GadgetWear's Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and undoubtedly our old man is in the toughest category when it comes to purchasing the perfect gift. Today we offer you the perfect 8 items available to purchase with free UK delivery for all the hard working dads out there, no matter their age, general preferences or your price budget, we have something for everyone.


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Lunatic Or Lunatik? Stylus Pens For Your Phone & Tablet Device

In an age of mobile and tablet users who interact more and more everyday with friends and family, we have seen apps such as SnapChat rise to fame where you can draw sketches and send them to your loved ones. Alongside the basic notepads and sketch book apps each operating device has preloaded, or available to download for free, there is more of a demand to become more artistic with the freedom to express via these apps. This in turn has led to the demise of writing letters to those you want to interact with, or even putting pen to paper for basic everyday tasks, such as writing shopping lists, which have even managed to work their way onto mobiles.


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