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Lunatic Or Lunatik? Stylus Pens For Your Phone & Tablet Device

In an age of mobile and tablet users who interact more and more everyday with friends and family, we have seen apps such as SnapChat rise to fame where you can draw sketches and send them to your loved ones. Alongside the basic notepads and sketch book apps each operating device has preloaded, or available to download for free, there is more of a demand to become more artistic with the freedom to express via these apps. This in turn has led to the demise of writing letters to those you want to interact with, or even putting pen to paper for basic everyday tasks, such as writing shopping lists, which have even managed to work their way onto mobiles.


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Microsoft's New Toy - The Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a very light upgrade from its predecessors. By that, I mean the machine is very light indeed, not that it’s a minor upgrade. In fact, Microsoft has worked miracles to pack what they have into a machine this thin. Whereas the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 was essentially a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an Ultrabook in tablet’s clothing. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has taken Microsoft to new levels of customer involvement, with many features requested by users appearing on the new tablet. In terms of tablets, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the one to get, no question about it.
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Huawei Ascend G630 - The Budget Phablet

Huawei announced in April the Ascend G630, which is aimed at the low end of the smartphone/phablet market. It has received great accolades, with some punters giving it 9.3 out of 10, which is pretty impressive indeed.
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ARCHOS 64 Zenon

Here’s something very new to the market, and that is the new phablet from ARCHOS, namely the 64 Zenon. It’s a budget phablet, coming in at 199 GBP, and it’s quite a decent phone, although not in the class of the high-end phablets.
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New iPad Air Accessories

Here at GadgetWear we’re always updating range of accessories and cases to bring you the best offering around.  We’ve recently added even more iPad Air cases to our range - here’s some of our favourites:
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Must Have iPad Air Cases

Impossibly thin and weighing only 469 grams, the iPad Air proves that the best things can come in the smallest packages. Plus with more power than the previous-generation iPad, you now have an A7 chip, advance wireless and the most productive iOS to come from Apple yet.
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iPad Mini 2 Rumours About Release and Specification

It looks like Apple are going to revamp the iPad Mini with a new and improved version called the iPad Mini 2 if all the rumours and leaked photos that are floating around the internet are true. It’s believed to be coming out sometime at the back end of this year, so just what is Apple going to offer us this time round?
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