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LG Optimus G2 UK Launch Details

Only recently launched on the 7th of August is the LG Optimus G2, the Koreans best high-end spec smartphone they have probably produced for some time and continues on their popular Optimus range after following their success of the Optimus G. This latest model in the series is set to hit the UK within the next 8 weeks.
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iPad Mini 2 Rumours About Release and Specification

It looks like Apple are going to revamp the iPad Mini with a new and improved version called the iPad Mini 2 if all the rumours and leaked photos that are floating around the internet are true. It’s believed to be coming out sometime at the back end of this year, so just what is Apple going to offer us this time round?
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HTC One Mini M4 News

Well after months of speculations and rumours running wild about what this little gem would hold and look like, we have finally got some concrete answers and we found out that it is just really a smaller and cheaper version of the HTC One with slightly less specs. So if you can’t afford the big price tag of the HTC One but want all its cool features then this will probably be good choice for you.
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Sony Xperia SP News

In March, the Sony organization introduced plans to launch the new Xperia L and the Xperia SP devices to fall in-line behind its flagship model the Xperia Z. Sony has just about combined the very best items of the Xperia P and the Xperia S to create the SP (see the things they did there?), whilst the name indicates. It's perhaps not the most effective and top of the range of-the Xperia family, but like a more than able mid-range Android Smartphone with a few great features, achieving a good overall impression. There's no set value for the Sony Xperia SP however, but rates are suggesting it'll be round the £330 mark.
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Sony Xperia L News

Sony have certainly been busy this year flooding the mobile market with a number of their latest range of Xperia Android smart-phones throwing in newer, sleek designs and in various price ranges. The latest handset to come on the scene is the Xperia L phone that's ready to replace Sony’s Neo range of smartphones and is the latest smartphone to slip in at the bottom end of Sony’s phone range, starting with prices alongside the mid-range Xperia SP to accomplish a group of mobile devices which are headlined by the famous Sony Xperia Z. The Sony Xperia L does provide a good set of functions and features to the bottom end of the mobile marketplace and though it'll perhaps not be as cheap as the likes of the ZTE Blade 3 and the Nokia Lumia 520, it'll still register as inexpensive for lots of people.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Update

Samsung haven’t been able to keep a tight lid on their latest model of handset like they have its predecessors, leaked images of the new handset supposedly called the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini have been floating around the internet, amidst speculations of what features and specs this latest smartphone will hold. Apparently from what we hear an official announcement is expected to happen very soon.
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HTC One M4 (One Mini) Rumours

The HTC One has been a big hit with its consumers, and if you're an all-out HTC One lover, but cannot afford to pay the steep price, then you could just be in luck with the latest release from HTC. Rumours that are in circulation are that HTC is likely to be following on from its massive achievement of its HTC One, producing a handset which is set to be a watered-down version of the HTC One called HTC One Mini. The latest edition of the HTC One will be called HTC M4 (One Mini). Following the latest trend and themes as many of their rivals such as Samsung who released the mini version of the S3 and current rumours of a mini S4.
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