LG Optimus G2 UK Launch Details

LG Optimus G2

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Only recently launched on the 7th of August is the LG Optimus G2, the Koreans best high-end spec smartphone they have probably produced for some time and continues on their popular Optimus range after following their success of the Optimus G. This latest model in the series is set to hit the UK within the next 8 weeks.

The have given the Optimus G2 a 5.2 inch True IPS screen that boasts a resolution of 1080x1920 Full HD that’s a pixel density of 423 ppi. They have given the screen a bevelled edge too so you get a truer edge to edge display which few current smartphones have to date making it stand out from the crowd. The Koreans have given this phone some oomph as it’s been powered by a 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor has an Adreno 330 GPU for graphics, 2GB of RAM and 3,000mAh battery. Not only do you get all this but it will come in 2 storage options a 16GB and 32 GB versions.

The Optimus G2 has some pretty serious camera hardware with a 13MP rear camera that has Optical Image stabilisation built in which makes it the first 13MP camera to hold this type of technology according to LG. Keeping up with other mobile manufacturers it also comes loaded with a 2.1MP front facing camera.

To top it off the G2 will be running on Android Jellybean 4.2.2 and the phone supports NFC, 4G LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth. LG have also added some cool features to this latest version of the Optimus range including Answer Me which automatically answers a call when it’s held up to your face; Quick Remote which allows the phone to be used as a TV remote and Slide Aside which enables faster multitasking by sliding or dragging open apps off to the side. Perhaps one of this smartphones most intriguing features is its design with the Optimus G2 being the first smartphone with its major buttons (the volume and power buttons) placed on its back alongside the phone's 13MP camera sensor aptly named "the Rear Key concept" which according to LG makes it easier to operate and will result in "fewer dropped phones".

There is no word on pricing as yet but it is said that it will be available in both black and white handsets. If the price is right though this phone could definitely take on mobile giants like Samsung and Sony.


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