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GadgetWear's Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is by far one of my favourite phones in recent years, if not of all time. With its sharp design and impressive set of statistics it is also one of the most current popular handsets on the market. Once you get your hands on this fantastic device, you realise how fragile and expensive they actually are, so it’s worthwhile protecting it with a top end case. Have a read on of our top 5 bestselling and recommended cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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GadgetWear's Top 5 iPhone 6 Cases

We often get asked by friends, family, members of the public and customers what are our bestselling or most sought after and top rated cases for various phones. Today, we review the top 5 cases we offer for the Apple iPhone 6, to help you make your choice.

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UAG Cases - The Ultimate Protection

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As technology progresses in the mobile market, there is more and more packed into a single handset which is now capable of holding all our precious moments and information, so there is more of a desire in the modern day to fully protect them with the best case possible.

The Urban Armor Gear case range is a military grade protection case for your handset, and is available in a selection of markets including the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy range, as well as some tablet devices. But what is so special about these cases I hear you ask? Well we are here to give you a fantastic run down on why it is essential you add one of these to your artillery.

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GadgetWear's Top 5 HTC One M8 Cases

Here we present the top cases for the flagship HTC One M8 (in no specific order - they are all great)
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The Urban Armor Gear for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an absolute steal of a phone, with some of the best hardware available, but even the best phones need protection from daily damage and that’s where the Urban Armor Gear Cases come in.
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