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We often get asked by friends, family, members of the public and customers what are our bestselling or most sought after and top rated cases for various phones. Today, we review the top 5 cases we offer for the Apple iPhone 6, to help you make your choice.

1.      UAG – By far one of our most popular case collections. The UAG range prides itself on offering the toughest case on the market. The patented design offers a robust hard outer shell and when it is incorporated with the soft impact resistant inner core, it forms a deadly combative duo. The military standard drop tested cases also have curved and ridged edges to stop your iPhone from coming into contact with a rough surface. By far our number 1 bestseller and available in a striking set of colours.

2.      Peapod Retro Faux Leather – Up next is the most affordable case on our top 5 countdown. This Peapod trademarked flip wallet faux leather case in one of our unsung fan favourites. With a convenient design, enabling you to slot 3 cards on the inner lining, the ability to prop the case up to use it as a stand and the tried and tested magnetic force closure on the case itself, at only £9.99 you can see why our customers come back for Peapod every time they upgrade or change handset.

3.      Verus Collection – These cases are fantastic. The self-assembled casing is split between a tough aluminium frame alongside a TPU back cover. The durable cases ensure they protect your phone from all types of shock damage. With full access to all those side buttons, the port holes are cut out perfectly to enhance your phones usage. The striking design doesn’t take anything away from the sleek iPhone 6 finished article, which sometimes can be hidden away in other brands of casing, such as flip or wallet cases.

4.      SwitchEasy Collection – Similar to the Verus cases, the SwitchEasy has a hybrid design hand made for the iPhone 6 handset to ensure it fits perfectly whilst doing its main job, protecting the phone. Advanced materials never before seen on the market are packed into this innovative design and with special shock absorbing edges, the SwitchEasy collection may not look that robust, but it sure beats expectations. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on the AirMask range then you'll be even more astounded. the 360 degrees case fits perfectly around the iPhone 6 including the screen and doesn't add any weight or bulk. The specially formulated mix between polycarbonate and polymer results in the only fully 360 degrees protective case on the current market. Astonishing!

5.      Sena Collection – I have saved the most expensive and luxurious case range for last. If you want to spend some extra pennies on a truly fabulous case then make sure you browse the bestselling Sena selection. These genuine leather cases are visually striking, with some brand new innovative designs never before seen on current cases on the market. Available in pouch form, side book or flip casing and starting at a generous £29.99 these luxurious cases are the high end selection for quality and visual satisfaction amongst our customers. With built in interior card slots and magnetic covers, you can’t go wrong with a Sena model. Each case is always authenticated with the genuine Sena trademarked name to ensure you are getting a top end high quality piece of casing structure for your iPhone.

Remember, this is just a rundown of the top 5 bestselling cases we have to offer via our ecommerce store. There are thousands more choices available, and we stock something for everyone, no matter what their budget or unique taste is.


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