Man v Food? Time for Man v Wood!

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From personal experience, there is nothing greater than a nice polished wooden casing for your mobile phone. The wood element, whether it is genuine or faux, always adds that little bit of extra class and smoothness to your phone, giving it a polished and clean finish. One of our most popular ranges here at GadgetWear is the Man&Wood case collection, available currently for the iPhone 6 and 6S handsets.

At first look, even the plain casing is very eye catching and is sure to turn heads, but you also have an offering of a much broader design, if you really want your phone to not only be protected but also to spread its wings and be the party piece. The genuine wooden cases have been hand crafted from sustainable sources of wood, which eliminates the niggling thoughts that they may be damaging the environment, to all those with concerns regarding that before purchasing. Within the genuine wooden slim cut casing, is a strong and durable slice of plastic, which is there to essentially do the job of protecting your phone on the inside from drops, scratches and the those annoying scuffs, whilst the wood has its moment in the spotlight on the outside, giving your case a visual boost.

Each case has been specially designed to fit the iPhone 6 or 6S so you will have a really sturdy and secure fitting once the case is on. In past experience, I have come across similar wooden cases that are flimsy, hang loosely off the actual phone and tend to scratch and mark easily when in contact with any surface. The Man&Wood case collection could not be further from those hindering aspects.

Although the product itself doesn’t come in a fancy piece of packaging, because at the end of the day that’s not exactly necessary when the case looks and feels as good as it does, the product inside will truly astonish you. Accompanied with those vital cut outs to allow access to all the phones side buttons and the fact the case has an authentic wooden smell, Man&Wood is the first complete genuine wooden collection I have come across thus far. 


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