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Olixar Anti Lost Device - The Essential Gadget EVERYBODY Needs

Over the weekend I had the dreaded moment where I fumbled around my pockets and behind the sofa cushions frantically searching for my car keys as I was late for an appointment when I had the Eureka lightbulb experience and remembered I own the fantastic Olixar Anti Lost Device. One simple click later on my smartphone device and I was back in business. It struck me that not many of the readers may have heard of this device before, but if you read on you will see it is the next essential necessity that will sweep across the nations homes in the coming months and years, and you can get your hands on one here first at GadgetWear.

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Jabra Sports Plus - The Ultimate Bluetooth Workout Buddy

It is widely known that the Beats range dominates the market in terms of the most common method of listening to music, but we are big fans in the office of the Jabra range if you’re a fitness fanatic and enjoy listening to music whilst working out in a comfortable manner. Fitness and gym going is a massive trend at the moment, and Jabra goes hand in hand with that demanding market.

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Monster Beats By Dre Review - Listen To This

When the Beats Electronic brand was established in 2006, I can guarantee you less than 10 years later even they will be surprised at how successful the Beats by Dre headphones have been received and are arguably the go to listening device for all fans wanting the very best premium product.

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MIPOW - Light Up Your Life - Bluetooth Lightbulbs For Your Home

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One of our bestselling collections here at GadgetWear is the fantastic MIPOW Bluetooth range. Available in a variety of formats, ranging from Bluetooth candles to Bluetooth speakers and many more. I am here today though to talk specifically about the MIPOW Bluetooth speaker collection.

It has reason to be one of the top sellers, and I am here to tell you why you need MIPOW to light up your life today. The everyday lightbulb has one boring job to do, and that is to be screwed in and to provide light to your home. In the modern day there are new crazes everyday emerging, based on energy efficient methods and there is a greater support of eco-friendly devices than we have ever seen before. The collection starts at just £34.99 on our website, there are of course cheaper options, but they are far inferior to what the MIPOW range offers.

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Lunatic Or Lunatik? Stylus Pens For Your Phone & Tablet Device

In an age of mobile and tablet users who interact more and more everyday with friends and family, we have seen apps such as SnapChat rise to fame where you can draw sketches and send them to your loved ones. Alongside the basic notepads and sketch book apps each operating device has preloaded, or available to download for free, there is more of a demand to become more artistic with the freedom to express via these apps. This in turn has led to the demise of writing letters to those you want to interact with, or even putting pen to paper for basic everyday tasks, such as writing shopping lists, which have even managed to work their way onto mobiles.


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New iPad Air Accessories

Here at GadgetWear we’re always updating range of accessories and cases to bring you the best offering around.  We’ve recently added even more iPad Air cases to our range - here’s some of our favourites:
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New LG G2 Covers & Accessories

With a top quality screen and one of the longest battery lives around, it’s not surprising to see just how popular the LG G2 has become. Here’s some of the newest covers and accessories we have in stock for the LG G2.
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