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Over the weekend I had the dreaded moment where I fumbled around my pockets and behind the sofa cushions frantically searching for my car keys as I was late for an appointment when I had the Eureka lightbulb experience and remembered I own the fantastic Olixar Anti Lost Device. One simple click later on my smartphone device and I was back in business. It struck me that not many of the readers may have heard of this device before, but if you read on you will see it is the next essential necessity that will sweep across the nations homes in the coming months and years, and you can get your hands on one here first at GadgetWear.

The two main essential everyday items are a set of keys and a smartphone device, and every single person can relate to at least one stressful moment in life where your heart skips a beat at that spine tingling moment you can’t find one or the other. The fantastic new piece of kit from Olixar is here to eradicate that everyday issue, and for a very reasonably priced £19.99. You simply activate and pair the two treasured items together, so if one goes missing, you simply use the other to locate the lost item. It sounds so simple, yet so useful and trust me it is. A warning alarm will sound when you try to locate the missing item within a close proximity and you can also bump up those security settings meaning whenever you stray away from the other paired device, the same alarm will sound, acting as a reminder not to forget both items.

The very compact and portable device is activated via a Bluetooth connection, meaning it is very durable and needs little power to operate; essentially speaking this will not affect your smartphone’s battery life significantly. The clever boffins behind the Olixar Anti Lost Device have also managed to make it compatible for all Android and iPhone smartphones, meaning practically the entire smartphone market can find an essential use for this much needed gadget. It doesn’t stop there, not only does the Olixar device act as an everyday life saver, because it acts as a remote gadget you can also use it to take picture as well as record audio or video images once it has successfully been paired up.

There aren’t many universal gadgets currently out there that can be classed as a necessity, as well as having extra built in perks, but the Olixar Anti Lost Device certainly sits atop the pile. Never lose those essential items again, and if you don’t believe us, a simple browser search will highlight thousands of 5 star ratings and reviews on how brilliant this product is. It’s not every day we experience a life changing moment in terms of everyday essentials, the wheel, cat’s-eyes and now the Olixar Anti Lost Device.


Andrew Froud
Andrew Froud

If it worked it would be great

Lang Tran
Lang Tran

How to use the Olixar Anti-lost Device to find the Key car from the iphone

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