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Incase Your Awesome Apple Product

Something we have never catered for here at GadgetWear is the Apple range consisting of the MacBook Air and Pro Retina tablet devices. That all changes this week as we have some exclusive top of the range Incase products now available across the border.

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Outstanding Olixar - The Creative Geniuses

We absolutely love a bit of unique technology in the office here at GadgetWear, and when that is formed into brilliant everyday items that we have never seen before, it always blows our mind. One of the best brands on the current market is the fantastic Olixar collection. The clever boffins behind this range have come up with endless everyday pieces of technology, that when you use, you can’t quite understand how you’ve coped without them before. Read on to see our handpicked favourites from the brilliant new age geniuses.

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GadgetWear's Summer Essentials

Summer is finally here and it’s hotting up on our online store with plenty of fantastic Summer essential products available. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the weather and Summer fun by making sure you stock up on our official countdown of what every mobile user should have on them in this glorious heat which I have compiled to maximise your usage this Summer.

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GadgetWear's Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is by far one of my favourite phones in recent years, if not of all time. With its sharp design and impressive set of statistics it is also one of the most current popular handsets on the market. Once you get your hands on this fantastic device, you realise how fragile and expensive they actually are, so it’s worthwhile protecting it with a top end case. Have a read on of our top 5 bestselling and recommended cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Olixar Anti Lost Device - The Essential Gadget EVERYBODY Needs

Over the weekend I had the dreaded moment where I fumbled around my pockets and behind the sofa cushions frantically searching for my car keys as I was late for an appointment when I had the Eureka lightbulb experience and remembered I own the fantastic Olixar Anti Lost Device. One simple click later on my smartphone device and I was back in business. It struck me that not many of the readers may have heard of this device before, but if you read on you will see it is the next essential necessity that will sweep across the nations homes in the coming months and years, and you can get your hands on one here first at GadgetWear.

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GadgetWear's Top 5 HTC One M9 Cases

I had a lot of requests from readers who read the top 5 iPhone 6 cases via the recent blog posts to review the very best current HTC One M9 cases that are available. Here is a very useful run down of said cases which offer a great choice of variation, something for everyone.

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Man v Food? Time for Man v Wood!

From personal experience, there is nothing greater than a nice polished wooden casing for your mobile phone. The wood element, whether it is genuine or faux, always adds that little bit of extra class and smoothness to your phone, giving it a polished and clean finish. One of our most popular ranges here at GadgetWear is the Man&Wood case collection, available currently for the iPhone 6 and 6S handsets.

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Moto G3 - The Budget Blasting Smartphone

We’ve all been there, a brand new shiny smart phone is released, and then 6 months later it’s already old news as a newer version is released, and we feel we have wasted a lot of money. The brand new Moto G3 handset has arrived to save the day, and has officially been announced as the best budget smartphone around.

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LG G4 GadgetWear Review - What's It All About?

Authored By Mikey Mangan 0 Comment(s)

The brand new flagship device from LG was unleashed onto the UK market recently, and I personally have never used a mobile phone from this brand, so I was extremely excited to get my hands on one to offer up an unbiased review, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

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