GadgetWear's Top 5 HTC One M9 Cases

I had a lot of requests from readers who read the top 5 iPhone 6 cases via the recent blog posts to review the very best current HTC One M9 cases that are available. Here is a very useful run down of said cases which offer a great choice of variation, something for everyone.

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1. UAG Maverick – Ah the UAG range, navigating itself to the top of our list once again, and with a very good reason behind it too. By now if you’re familiar with our ecommerce store you should know that the UAG collection is by far one of our most popular brands, and there is no let up when it comes to the HTC One M9. As with all UAG casing, there comes the patented design which features a hard outer shell with a soft impact resistant core, the perfect partners when it comes to formulating one of the toughest cases on the market. The Maverick choice is also extremely striking with its ice black colour coordination, standing out from other UAG cases. Complete with a tough HD screen protector, you simply can’t go wrong with a UAG purchase.

2. iCarer Side Flip Wallet – The ICarer even by brand name offers a safe and relaxing subconscious thought for all mobile users, very clever brand marketing because as soon as the name rolls of your tongue, you know your HTC One M9 will be cared for, looked after, like it’s very own guardian. This top quality case is made from 100% real genuine leather and offers a smart executive finish feel. As with all genuine leather products, they age so well and even look better when they have stood the test of time, the ICarer is no different, and will continue to grace your phone for years to come, whilst offering elite protection. Specifically designed for the HTC One M9, this side flip case has a sturdy magnetic closure to ensure it never flaps open, which can be the case with inferior case choices. An absolute bargain for only £16.95.

3. Case-Mate Barely There – Next up is possibly the most basic and no nonsense case option on our run down, however saying that, don’t be deterred because even though the case has a more minimal and bland looking design, the effectivenes of the job it entails to do is still up there with the very best. Whilst some of us love extravagant designs on cases, it can sometimes distract us from the reason behind the purchase, the job they’re designed to do after all, simply protect the handset inside. It is well documented that you can’t beat a slick simple black protective hard casing shell. The one piece snap on case cover has an impact resistant shell to protect the sides and back of the phone, and when you team this case up with a nifty screen protector you create yourself a formidable unsung hero. Stripped back and plain, but oh so effective.

4. Rock Slim Jacket – The most affordable case on our list, at a budget friendly £6.95. This specially designed case is unique from any other on our countdown, and that is because the focus and limelight isn’t situated on the case itself, and let me explain how. The Rock case adds a protective transparent shielding around your phone, so to the naked eye none of the actual HTC One M9 design is concealed and can bask in its own glory. Made from a special formula of TPU, a soft plastic with flexibility and added resistance to oil, grease and abrasion, the Rock cover is a fantastic piece of protective casing that simply has one job and no fancy tricks, protect the phone. If you want the limelight to still be on your shiny new phone and not neccesarily the case covering it, then this option is for you.

5. Ballistic Urbanite – Finally, you may have read up on our Ballistic case review and you’ll be pleasantly informed that the bestseller is available for the HTC One M9 in the shape of the Urbanite option. Engineered with the extremely unique Hex-Tec technology, which incorporates a special formula to protect your phone from drops, shocks and scratches from all angles, this is right up there with the UAG. Boasting an impressive 6 foot drop resistance, raised lips and edges, Ballistic is a clear competitor at a slightly more affordable rate when compared again to the UAG choice I first discussed. Ballistics’ extremely rigorous product testing facilities have ensured they are one of the toughest cases on the market and the brand continues to grow day by day with popularity.

If none of the above listings take your fancy, remember we have plenty more choices via our ecommerce store for the HTC One M9 and every other UK phone on the current market.


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