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The Urban Armor Gear for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an absolute steal of a phone, with some of the best hardware available, but even the best phones need protection from daily damage and that’s where the Urban Armor Gear Cases come in.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active GT i9295 Launched

As if Samsung haven’t launched enough smartphones this year already. The latest model to hit the stores is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. They have adapted the S4 model to give you a more rugged and resistant phone, which is made from metal rather than plastic and includes water and dust resistant technologies (30 minutes 1 metre underwater) even includes a water resistant earphone jack allowing you to listen to music in the wettest of conditions; which is ideal for all you adventurous and outdoor types and will probably give the likes of the Xperia Z a good run for its money.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Update

Samsung haven’t been able to keep a tight lid on their latest model of handset like they have its predecessors, leaked images of the new handset supposedly called the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini have been floating around the internet, amidst speculations of what features and specs this latest smartphone will hold. Apparently from what we hear an official announcement is expected to happen very soon.
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