The Urban Armor Gear for Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an absolute steal of a phone, with some of the best hardware available, but even the best phones need protection from daily damage and that’s where the Urban Armor Gear Cases come in.

Combining a hard polycarbonate outer shell with a soft impact resistant core, the Urban Armour Gear Galaxy S4 case keeps the phone protected from bumps and drops and also the shocks that come with this. The back of the case also uses scratch resistant skid pads, that not only help with damage but also add extra grip to the case, meaning that you’re less likely to drop it.

Although the entire phone is covered, the quality of both photos and sound aren’t affected because of this.  If anything they’re clearer than usual!

Keeping the front of the phone looking new, the Urban Armor case comes complete with a HD Screen Protector and a cleaning kit, so you’ll never lose screen clarity or touch sensitivity.  The screen surround ensures the screen protector stays in place and that dust or dirt can’t sneak in and scratch the screen.

As the Urban Armor Gear case is made with the Galaxy S4 in mind, the Galaxy S4 cover fits the phone like a glove and ensures that all the ports and features are easily accessible - you can use the phone as normal, but have the extra piece of mind that it’s completely protected from damage.

So for a case thats featherlight, yet super protective choose the Urban Armor Gear.


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