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Moto G 3rd Generation - A GadgetWear Review

We all want the latest piece of technology, but can end up paying an arm and leg to get our hands on it. There is a new trend emerging, and that is the budget blasting smartphones creeping onto the UK market. You no longer have to pay £600 upwards or take out a £40p/m contract to have a smartphone, and the latest offering from Motorola hits the nail on the head with a rough estimate of only £150 if you shop around.

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Moto G3 - The Budget Blasting Smartphone

We’ve all been there, a brand new shiny smart phone is released, and then 6 months later it’s already old news as a newer version is released, and we feel we have wasted a lot of money. The brand new Moto G3 handset has arrived to save the day, and has officially been announced as the best budget smartphone around.

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