Moto G 3rd Generation - A GadgetWear Review


We all want the latest piece of technology, but can end up paying an arm and leg to get our hands on it. There is a new trend emerging, and that is the budget blasting smartphones creeping onto the UK market. You no longer have to pay £600 upwards or take out a £40p/m contract to have a smartphone, and the latest offering from Motorola hits the nail on the head with a rough estimate of only £150 if you shop around.

It could be argued that Motorola provide the best service when it comes to affordable handsets, especially going by the success of the 3rd generations predecessor which smashed sales targets and was a fan favourite. Motorola have once again upped their game and raised the bar on budget smartphones. Not a lot has changed in the inner hardware or the built in technology, but they have certainly improved the overall image, feel and design of the handset, making it look a lot more expensive than it is. You can purchase several variations of the brand new Moto G 3, as you can with the Apple range, but today we are going to discuss the minimum option which comes with the lesser price tag, but won’t leave you disappointed.

Paying around £150 for the handset, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn it has an internal storage of 8GB, which is half as much as Apple’s minimum service, yet there is the option to bump up your capacity via the insertion of an SD card, a fan favourite among all Android users, so don’t be put off if you’re snap happy or want to store all your treasured moments or favourite songs, there is always the option for more. Combine that with a nifty 1GB of RAM, your phone will run comfortably using every day apps based on the average user. The battery life is also very generous, and you will easily get a day’s usage out of your Moto G 3 initially, unless of course you are constantly running background apps.

The Moto G 3 design has also had a remake, and there are now 2 grill designs incorporated onto the front of the handset, almost reminiscing the old Samsung Galaxy Ace devices, which were another popular budget smartphone range. A quality metallic finish encasing the handset offers a more luxurious feel and the curved design and edges makes the Moto G 3 feel less like a blunt square old fashioned object which we have seen in the past. A big selling point for the Moto G 3 is the built in tough Gorilla Glass screen. Gorilla Glass is by far the most renowned screen choice and offers a brilliant protection against damage, cracks and fingerprint smudges. Not bad for a budget handset.

The 5 inch HD remains the same as the predecessor handset, and when you pair it with the Gorilla Glass, it’s certainly not bad at all for the price you pay. With a built in 13MP powered camera lens, and a selfie friendly front facing camera with 5MP quality, your images will also be crystal clear and look the part on the HD screen. Combine all of the fantastic features with the Snapdragon processor chip and the number one Android software, Motorola really have managed to pack so much into this little beauty, improving the overall feel and design of the handset, yet retaining the favourable price tag, how do they do it? Snap up your Moto G 3 handset today, and check back to see our affordable case range for the dark horse handset of 2015.


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