The Sony Zesty Z Collection Is Back in the Z5 & Z5 Compact




It’s often said that the best things in life come in small packages, and notoriously the Compact collection from Sony lives up to that reputation. The feisty and popular mini smartphones boast a range of impressive statistics and features, all packed into a pocket friendly sized gadget.

The Z5 and Z5 Compact devices are both new to the UK market, but have been flying out, and rightly so if you read on to learn more about this Winter’s must have Android smartphone. Surprisingly, there isn’t much between the Z5 and Z5 Compact in terms of quality, capabilities and price, only the size of each device, think of the Compact as the baby brother of the Sony family.

The phones are manufactured with a stylish and tough glass front and back body, with added plastic protection on the corners, so the phone never comes into direct contact with a surface, protecting that precious glass. A nifty add on by Sony, and available in a range of 5 stylish colours, they are really appealing to the mass market with this new device. Not only do they look good, but they’re tough little characters, possessing the mean ability of been able to withstand water damage, one of the most claimed for reasons on recent mobile insurance websites, a fantastic incorporated bit of technology to protect your expensive purchase.

Both handsets boast a full HD display, 5.2 inch for the Z5 and a respectable 4.6 inch for the Z5 Compact. Each smartphone also offers a decent 2GB and 3GB internal memory, which may not sound a lot compared to other major players in the market, but the fantastic option with Android handsets is the extra option to install a memory card. With memory cards available up to 128GB on the market, you can blitz the competition away and never worry about deleting precious photos to simply do a software update. Regardless of which device you choose, you will be treated to an impressive 23MP camera built into both, really highlighting the similarities between each handset, with minute differences.

Are you a fan of the technology within Apple devices for the fingerprint scanner, placed bottom centre on the device? Sure, this is an ingenious feature included, but can sometimes be a bit fiddly, as we tend to hold our smartphones at each side. Step forward Sony’s magnificent new idea, with sensors at the top side on both smartphones, meaning you can unlock your devices more freely and naturally. Sony has also boasted a lot in press conferences about the brand new battery technology featured in the Z5 and Z Compact. One of the largest and most powerful batteries to date is placed inside, which should improve your usage, as nobody likes a phone that lasts half a day at most.

If you’re after a brand new smartphone this coming cold snap, but don’t fancy paying over the odds for the pricey Apple or Samsung range, then these little beauties from Sony could be right up your street. Like your handsets downsized, but packing a full punch, then simply opt for the Z5 Compact. Oh, and it’s also James Bonds new gadget, which is probably the best reason to get your hands on one, and I for one can’t wait to feast on these zealous Z creations.


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