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The Sony Zesty Z Collection Is Back in the Z5 & Z5 Compact

It’s often said that the best things in life come in small packages, and notoriously the Compact collection from Sony lives up to that reputation. The feisty and popular mini smartphones boast a range of impressive statistics and features, all packed into a pocket friendly sized gadget.

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Sony Xperia C3 - Selfies Lovers Unite

The Xperia C3 is designed to take on the “selfie” craze that has swept through the mainly youthful smartphone World, a little bit like a pet rock for those of a certain age…
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Sony Xperia T3

Sony has made the Sony Experia T3 available to fill the mid-range gap in their market, now that they have launched the Experia Z2. Expect the phone to arrive in-store at about 530 GBP or less. The word on the street is that the T3 will be a half to two-thirds the price of the Z2, so be on the lookout.
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The Sony Xperia Z2

The Xperia Z2 has been around for a short while now, and people are getting to grips with its pros and cons. It’s comes in at a considerable 525 to 600 GBP, and it had better have something to show for that price. And it has.
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Your Guide To The Sony Xperia Z2

If you’re after a high end smartphone without the matching high price tag, then the Sony Xperia Z2 is the phone for you.  It’s packed with all the features you’d expect from a smartphone, plus it’s waterproof!  Here at GadgetWear we’re working to build the best range of Xperia Z2 cases; whilst we do that, here’s your guide to the Sony Xperia Z2.
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Released

Just when you think Sony couldn’t possibly produce another smartphone this year, they have gone all out with the new Xperia Z Ultra which is really a cross between a smartphone and a tablet due to its size, and is set to launch around the 12th of September of this year. It could give the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note III a run for its money when it’s also launched around the same time.
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Sony Xperia SP News

In March, the Sony organization introduced plans to launch the new Xperia L and the Xperia SP devices to fall in-line behind its flagship model the Xperia Z. Sony has just about combined the very best items of the Xperia P and the Xperia S to create the SP (see the things they did there?), whilst the name indicates. It's perhaps not the most effective and top of the range of-the Xperia family, but like a more than able mid-range Android Smartphone with a few great features, achieving a good overall impression. There's no set value for the Sony Xperia SP however, but rates are suggesting it'll be round the £330 mark.
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Sony Xperia L News

Sony have certainly been busy this year flooding the mobile market with a number of their latest range of Xperia Android smart-phones throwing in newer, sleek designs and in various price ranges. The latest handset to come on the scene is the Xperia L phone that's ready to replace Sony’s Neo range of smartphones and is the latest smartphone to slip in at the bottom end of Sony’s phone range, starting with prices alongside the mid-range Xperia SP to accomplish a group of mobile devices which are headlined by the famous Sony Xperia Z. The Sony Xperia L does provide a good set of functions and features to the bottom end of the mobile marketplace and though it'll perhaps not be as cheap as the likes of the ZTE Blade 3 and the Nokia Lumia 520, it'll still register as inexpensive for lots of people.
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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact GadgetWear Review

Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact as the name suggests is a COMPACT, stylish phone. It has everything that you would expect from a premium smartphone.  Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact is going to appeal those who prefer a small yet stylish and sleek phone. It is a high-end phone with a powerful camera and excellent battery life. Sony has also pitched the phone as carrying the world’s best camera in a waterproof compact smartphone. It also allows easy transfer of all your content from your previous smartphone to the new Xperia Z1 Compact with Xperia transfer. The Xperia Z1 Compact is also available in a number of colours which further enhances the appeal of the phone. 
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