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In March, the Sony organization introduced plans to launch the new Xperia L and the Xperia SP devices to fall in-line behind its flagship model the Xperia Z. Sony has just about combined the very best items of the Xperia P and the Xperia S to create the SP (see the things they did there?), whilst the name indicates. It's perhaps not the most effective and top of the range of-the Xperia family, but like a more than able mid-range Android Smartphone with a few great features, achieving a good overall impression. There's no set value for the Sony Xperia SP however, but rates are suggesting it'll be round the £330 mark.

It really seems a lot more like those other midrange devices compared to glass concert of the Z. It-s 4.6-inch display appears significantly smaller than the Z's 5-inch's, and it's also a little less sharp using a resolution of 1,280x720 pixels rather than the larger phone's complete HD 1,920x1,080 pixels. That amounts to some ppi of 319 -- well short of the Z's 440ppi but just about just like the respected Samsung Galaxy S3. Movies seem clean and sharp too, thanks partly to Sony's Mobile Bravia 2 engine, but there's no HDMI interface to flow films or photos direct to your TV however.

It's got the same power button at the side like the Xperia Z but unlike its counterpart, the SP has included a camera shutter button and the housing is distinctively plastic instead of glass, but it seems perfectly fine and robust with roughly 10mm thick sides. The aluminium body round the sides gives it a little edge and a sleek feel and Sony's see-through plastic bar at the end lights up depending on what you're doing -- charging, messaging etc. And lights up different colours to mirror what's on display when you're playing music or watching your picture gallery.

There's no indication of the water resistance which we've been seeing on some of the current Xperia models. Which makes it no different from other smart-phones in this class and less inclined to differentiate itself.

The SP doesn’t have the familiar Xperia Z's quad-core processor with 2GB RAM, in favour of this it has a dual-core processor with 1GB RAM. However, it claws something straight back with a greater clock rate of a whopping 1.7GHz as opposed to a slower 1.5GHz. It makes great use of it too, and speeds along very quickly whether you’re changing and swapping between games and applications, playing HD movies or games or browsing through emails or webpages.

Perhaps surprisingly, the operating-system has the 4.1 edition of Android Jelly Bean, as opposed to the very latest 4.2. They appear similar, with much exactly the same features, but you do not obtain the lock-screen widgets which enable you to go directly to an app of one's choice and you lose out on several additional features on the camera app too. I does have the usual quick access menu with all the usual features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Volume etc. which will come in handy.

It does come packed with the 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and is just a step down from the Sony Xperia Z's 13-megapixel bundle, but it still manages to pack in a few of Sony's imaging methods to lift it above the common and basic of smartphone cameras, like the built in Exmor RS indicator, which helps you achieve better quality photo results in poor light conditions. Also has a basic front VGA camera for video calling and Skype.

There's 8GB of memory on-board and you can include an additional 32GB via micro SD card and has a battery power of 2,370mAh which is just a little larger than we may have expected from Sony and deals fairly well with the demands put on it

The Sony Xperia SP overall looks a very fine and smart mid to high-end Android smartphone. It has been well developed, with a superb variety of functions, it is only a little bit down the price ladder from some of the high-enders like the Xperia Z but in most cases the compromises in features can be accounted for because of the cost.


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