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Something we have never catered for here at GadgetWear is the Apple range consisting of the MacBook Air and Pro Retina tablet devices. That all changes this week as we have some exclusive top of the range Incase products now available across the border.

The MacBook devices from the tech giants at Apple are one of the most expensive yet fragile pieces of kit you’re likely to come across. That said, it is an absolute necessity you fully protect it, as you would with an iPhone or any other smartphone device, so why should it be any different for a tablet or laptop device? The MacBook devices are one of the most portable and powerful on the current market and you’re likely to see a handful on a daily basis whilst commuting or in the business world, almost every household is now equipped with a tablet device, with the MacBook leading the way. Up until recently the only suitable cases available for the MacBook have been slim and stylish cases which are often flimsy and won’t protect the expensive gadget from any drops or unwanted contact, or the bulkier options which take away the MacBook’s beauty, but do a reasonable protection job. The creative geniuses at Incase have managed to combine the two positive factors into one sublime and affordable case via their brand new Icon Sleeve collection.

The Icon Sleeve range has a brand new unique innovative Tensaerlite technology which offers to provide the ultimate protection against everyday wear and tear and is fully shock absorbent. Incase have managed to do this though using a very light EVA bumper frame, which won’t add much extra weight or leave you feeling like you’re carrying around a hideous bulky device. The MacBook range tops the scale at a very measly 260G at its heaviest, which shows you how featherweight the devices are, and the Incase collection will not drastically increase that weight at all. The super streamlined structure of the case is specifically designed to be durable and perform capably at protecting the MacBook, so it is very unlikely you will need to replace the case in the future or chop and change as you’re likely to do with other brands. Not only that, but the specially formulated Neoprene outer layers of the bumper case ensures a full protection and saves the MacBook from receiving any nasty scratches or surprises.

No matter how impressive the casing creation is, it would be deemed invalid and useless if the MacBook was simply to slip out of the case if it becomes unconnected. Thankfully Incase have looked into every single possibility of this and have incorporated a special magnetic snap closure feature which allows the device to be securely stored away with no fear of it coming loose and dropping out. Currently available online in several stylish colour choices, such as black and grey and priced at less than most major retail stores such as John Lewis, priced up at only £49.95. So if you own an Apple MacBook, whether it is the Air 13 inch or Pro Retina 13 and 15 inch devices, incase you’re after a brand new luxury case, Incase is the brand for you.

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