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In the modern day it cannot be stressed how important it is to fully protect your expensive handsets with a sturdy and robust case that will protect the luxury item inside from everyday bumps, drops, knocks and scratches. Unfortunately if you want the ultimate defender you can sometimes pay an arm and a leg and the case comes across as bulky and unattractive. The fantastic new case collection from the RooCase brand is currently aimed at the iPhone market, and boy do they deliver on all fronts.

The brand new Glacier Tough range submerses your iPhone in 360 degrees of protective casing that offers more than initially meets the eye. The hybrid creation is dual layered and leaves no part of your phone exposed, it really is truly protected at every single angle and no matter what direct contact the phone will be exposed to, the RooCase will have it covered.

Stable and secure, the backing of the case is a magnificent transparent acrylic cover which allows the stunning iPhone design to still shine through, but also protects it fully against everyday wear and tear as well as annoying scratches, almost acting as an invisible cape shielding the reverse of the device. The specially formed cases are also slightly raised off the surface, sometimes not visible to the naked eye, which means your phone will never actually come into direct contact with rough surfaces as the case is a very tiny but effective 1.02mm raised off a flat surface. Very innovative.

Not only do you receive this magnificent case, there is a free crystal clear 5H screen protector inside each purchase. The 5H screen protectors are one of the best around as they are scratch resistant and also deter marks left from finger prints or smudges, leaving you with a crystal clear HD screen that is still fully operative and responsive. There is also a brand new feature on the RooCase which is sometimes a detrimental feature on other 360 degrees protective casing, and that is the cover and exposure over buttons, such as the volume options and power off mode.

On other cases you can find that these everyday features are blocked by a tough casing, meaning it’s very rigid and you have to almost force the button down to become responsive again. You will also find a build-up of dust and other unwanted dirt in and around these buttons with other cases; the RooCase collection however eliminates all those negative aspects. Sensitivity and the option to use the side buttons will be as it was before, whilst they are also fully protected not allowing any rubbish to creep into the cracks in and around the buttons.

Did we mention the case is fully drop protected and doesn’t add much bulk or weight to your iPhone? All this and the HD screen protector, you will be extremely surprised to learn that the Glacier RooCase collection is available from £19.95 and comes in an array of beautiful colours to showcase your iPhone. Currently available online for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. Excellently designed for everyday use, so what are you waiting for? Hop on board with the next generation of smart protective cases, at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. 


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