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We absolutely love a bit of unique technology in the office here at GadgetWear, and when that is formed into brilliant everyday items that we have never seen before, it always blows our mind. One of the best brands on the current market is the fantastic Olixar collection. The clever boffins behind this range have come up with endless everyday pieces of technology, that when you use, you can’t quite understand how you’ve coped without them before. Read on to see our handpicked favourites from the brilliant new age geniuses.

·         Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker – There are plenty of fascinating Bluetooth speakers on the market, but Olixar have transformed that into a functional lightbulb. This creative light not only lights up your room in a glorious manner, but converts into a working high quality speaker. The standard Edison fitted lightbulb will fit all light fixtures and is a great space saving device. A beautiful 3W LED light will provide just the right amount of light for any occasion whilst you wirelessly play your favourite songs out through the integrated speaker. Compatible with any universal Bluetooth functioning device. Light up your abode today with this fascinating Olixar 2 in 1 product.

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·         Olixar Android Quick Short Key – One of my favourite and most practical devices on the shortlist is the Olixar quick shortcut key designed for all phones with an Android operating system. We often use gadgets and maps on the road when looking for the quick shortcut to save time, so why not with our everyday smartphones? This fully customisable gadget allows you to skip all the nonsense and browsing on your smartphones and shortcut straight to the programmed important features. Whether it’s your camera, a favourite app or even a loved one’s contact information, you decide what is accessed by this discreet plug in gadget. Simply insert the slick aluminium gadget into any Android headphone port and away you go, taking the quicker route in life.

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·         Olixar Anti Lost & Key Finder – The team at Olixar really do surprise us sometimes and outdo their creative work. This outstanding product can relate to almost every single person, and in a congested market that is a very impressive statistic to boast. If you’re in the habit of misplacing your mobile phone or keys, or even both, then Olixar are here to save the day. Wirelessly pair up both to one another via the clever use of Bluetooth technology and never lose one or the other again. You can sound an alarm on the item in hand to locate and retrieve the lost device and locate it immediately, gone are the days of routing around every pocket and turning the sofa upside down. Even if both devices are separated by a set distance, the alarm will sound to warn you of an impending disaster and will prevent the dreaded heart in mouth moment. Olixar haven’t stopped there though, you can also the remote to take photos and record video and audio via the Bluetooth connection. Genius.

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·         Olixar Smartune Bluetooth FM Transmitter – This beautiful creation from the Olixar team is one of the most multifunctional out there, and it’s absolutely outstanding. The FM transmitter allows you to accept calls whilst driving and hear the conversation through your vehicle’s speakers, so you don’t have to wear a headset or earphones which can drown out traffic sound and warnings which could be dangerous. The device will also charge your device when connected, eliminating the prospect of purchasing an in car charger at an extra cost. Not only that, but you can cleverly transmit your favourite songs via the speaker system in your car from your smartphone. Gone are the days of flicking through radio stations to find the perfect song or purchasing an expensive in car USB or AUX connection. Combine all these fascinating multifunctional uses with a cleverly designed gooseneck wiring, allowing you to flexible pick the angle and position of the transmitter, resulting in the product to be up there with the best for your money choice from the Olixar collection.

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·         Olixar Swiss Army Style Charger – An absolutely beautiful product to finish with. The Swiss Army knife is one of the best modern day inventions around with its practical and multifunctional use. Olixar have spotted a genius gap in the market and have converted the Swiss Army knife creation into a fully working variable charging port. Simply flick open the gadget and choose from an array of charging ports. Compatible with Lighting, the Apple 30 pin and a micro USB cable to compliment the majority of smartphones on the current market. No longer will you have to purchase various cables and connectors to match your collection of devices that each need a different charging port. This brilliant compact and travel friendly device is also high powered, meaning you won’t lose any charging power you’d expect from an officially licensed charger.

This is just a handful of the weird, wonderful and wacky Olixar collection. To view the full range simply click on the link at the top of the page and take a step into the mind of the brilliant creative geniuses behind one of the most innovative and practical brands ever to grace the UK technology market.


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