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Summer is finally here and it’s hotting up on our online store with plenty of fantastic Summer essential products available. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the weather and Summer fun by making sure you stock up on our official countdown of what every mobile user should have on them in this glorious heat which I have compiled to maximise your usage this Summer.

  • Power Banks – Probably the most essential item on our Summer guide which can appeal to the masses. A power bank is a small portable piece of kit every mobile user should have on them. The universal power banks are effectively several full charges stored in a nifty device. Therefore if you’re out and about this Summer and losing battery or worried your phone will die, juicing up one of the power banks will ensure you can fully restore your phone’s battery without the need for searching for a plug socket. Much more effective and reliable than simply buying a backup battery for your phone. Perfect for those venturing out to parks, festivals or family day trips.

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  • Portable Speakers – There is nothing better than sitting in the magnificent sunshine with your friends and family whilst your favourite songs blast out for all to enjoy. There’s something about music and the sun, it always seems to sound better. Our range of portable speakers are available in several stunning colours and have the added benefit of been rechargeable. The drum shape of the speakers offers a unique sound that doesn’t detract any of the quality and you can pair up any device using it’s built in Bluetooth technology so you can share the playlist duty. Perfect for those going on adventures with friends and family, the BBQ fanatics and again any festival goers.

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  • Anti-Glare Screen Protector – The screen protector is one of the most popular accessories for any mobile user, but our Summer collection of anti-glare protectors go just that little bit further and will be the perfect addition for the sunshine. These easy to attach screen protectors offer great protection against general wear and tear, scratches and marks as well as fingerprints and stains on your HD crystal clear screen. The special anti-glare range will also prevent any annoying shine from the direct sunlight meaning you can still use your phone on regular functions and settings without the need to change screen brightness or cover the top of the handset with your hand, as you’re likely to see many people do this Summer. Available for every single major handset on the market. Perfect for everything using their handsets outside in the sun this Summer.

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  • Universal Bike Mount – If you’re an avid cycler or know somebody who is, then our universal bike mount will revolutionise their Summer biking experience. This easy to attach hands free bike mount is perfect for all smartphones. You can improve your cycling adventures with easy access to GPS apps on your phone, and even listen to music and the radio via your mobile phone whilst enjoying your Summer exercise. The bike mount also has a quick release button and firmly grips your expensive handset to maximise safety. Perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors and cycling instead of travelling via any other methods of transport.

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  • Selfie Sticks – No Summer activity would be complete unless there was a selfie stick on board. Gone are the days with the outstretched arm creeping onto photos, asking a stranger to take a photo of the group and ending up with a thumb over half the photo or missing out on the photoshoot entirely as you’re always behind the camera. Never miss a moment and get in on the act this Summer with the fantastic extending Olixar selfie pole, which also has a built in shutter button so you can perfect your pose at a simple click, offering you the perfect picture experience. Compatible with most smartphones including all those using the Android and iOS operating systems. Perfect for those who are snap happy and never want to miss a moment again.

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Make sure you invest in our Summer essential guide and make it a Summer not to forget. All items are available with worldwide shipping and come with free UK shipping. Our Summer essential guide doesn’t end there, browse our entire website and you will unearth more gems to go hand in hand with your mobile this Summer.


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