Apple iPad Air 2 - The Best In The Business?

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When Apple launched the iPad Air it ripped up the textbook on how a tablet device should look and operate, and the iPad Air 2 has gone to great lengths to once again break down the mould set by other tablets to create an absolutely superb piece of technology. What exactly sets this device apart from the rest I hear you ask? Well if you’re in the market for a brand new tablet or are intrigued by Apple’s offering, then read on to be astounded at just how incredible the Air 2 is.

Apple upped its game when it came to altering the original Air product, listening to customer reviews and demands to totally revamp the design. The result was a much thinner and more user friendly device, which came with a much clearer and sharper screen. Apple has been quoted as saying the LCD screen is so sharp there is minimal air between the layers made up of the touchscreen and digital back screen lighting. No air, get the pun? With a slimmed down model also comes the benefit that the tablet is much lighter, as light as a feather, floating in the air. Okay, I will stop with the puns now.

The overall feel to the Air 2 though is a much improved device, and you really can see the improvements and step ups Apple have made to its predecessor. Official Apple stats mark the Air 2 at a ridiculously thin 6.1MM and weighing in at only 437G. This doesn’t mean the design is flimsy and flawed either, as Apple has managed to create a robust sturdy device with minimal bulk.

Apple has also incorporated the latest iOS versions onto the Air 2, meaning your software won’t be left behind and will be able to keep up to date with the popular iPhone devices. This means that Apple touch ID is also available, meaning you can fully secure your tablet device by using touch sensors which incorporate every single one of your fingerprints into the firmware offering an ultimate protection lockdown that can’t be bypassed. The clever touch sensitivity can also be used to pay for items inside apps that also incorporate the feature, offering a one click user friendly checkout option.

Apple has stuck by its trusted screen size for the Air 2, as it is identical to it predecessor which was impressive enough boasting a 9.7 inch diagonal measurement and has kept all the impressive screen pixels amongst its high end retina display. The quality of the screen is razor sharp and Apple have even managed to add an anti-glare coating built into the screen meaning in different lighting areas there will be no harsh drawback, a big improvement. If you are one of those selfie snapping people who love to use the iPad for the ultimate mirror shot, you won’t be disappointed by the generous 8MP built in camera, which is fairly decent for a tablet device. The overall Air 2 performance has been upgraded too, with the RAM doubling in size from 1GB to 2GB and a brand new innovative A8X processor meaning it’s the most efficient tablet you’re likely to find on the current market.

Don’t just take our word for it, pop into your local mobile or tech store and ask for a play about on the fascinating Air 2 model device and you will truly be in awe. With the option to purchase the Air 2 in a variety of stunning sleek colours, and the brand new option of choosing internal memory size, similar to the iPhone models, there is a much more wider appeal, and the Apple iPad Air 2 really is hands down the best in the business.


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