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The fantastic brand new LG G4 device is taking the UK by storm so I thought it would be appropriate to pick out the very best cases and covers available, no matter what the occasion or type of specific case structure you are craving. If you own an LG G4 or are very tempted by one, then read on to see our marvellous collection available online.

·         The Tough Case – CaseMate – Everybody’s favourite at the moment seems to be a tough rugged case to withstand against those everyday drops, scuffs and general exposure, and the LG G4 has its own top of the range option. Specifically designed to protect against all the above, this well fitted silicone wrap provides a formidable shock resistance to fully guard the handset inside. The lightweight slim fitting case is one you wouldn’t necessarily believe could do the job at first glance, but don’t be put off by its minimal design and features, although it looks simple enough, it is the best defender case currently out for the LG G4. You can even charge the phone using the brand new QI wireless charging whilst inside the case, technological and robust, a lethal partnership.

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·         The Business Case – Fuse Premium Vintage – For those of us who crave a more professional look and feel to our cases, step forward the fantastic Fuse side flip wallet option. This hand stitched high quality premium faux leather has an authentic feel with wonderful craftsmanship that will leave your handset looking like the top executive. With stitching to stand out offering a more exclusive feel, once you flip open the case you are met with stunning soft inner suede lining offering comfort and security to your phone. All this combined with a tough polycarbonate shell and your phone will be submersed in a high quality case that is tightly enclosed via an invisible magnetic strip, never before seen on a phone case. If that wasn’t enough to wet the businessman’s appetite, there is also a nifty feature to slot those important cards and documents inside, and even the further option to prop the case up on a kickstand built into the casing, a multifunctional everyday executive case.

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·         The Fashionista Case – Roar Diary Case – Are you one of those fashion conscious folks who need to match your phone case with the latest trends or even a certain outfit? Then you will love our fashionable selected case collection. Available in 10 absolutely stand out stunning vivid bright colours, no matter which option you select, your phone will always be dressed for the occasion. Fashion and functionality go hand in hand here, with a clever magnetic closure device so your phone will stay safe and secure inside, and when it’s in use it automatically transfers and connects to the rear of the case, eradicating the flappy case annoyance. A specially cut out window view on the front of the casing will show the time and date, so you won’t miss those important dinner dates or get-togethers with friends and family. An integrated double stand also allows you to prop up the phone so you can easily browse and swipe across all those shopping pages and important apps with comfort and ease. The fashion friendly fit for your case.

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·         The Glamourous Case – CaseMate Brilliance – No matter what age, gender or social group, everybody can relate to and secretly admire a bit of glam and bling. If you want to be the belle of the ball and stand out amongst your peers, then this glamourous headline grabbing CaseMate cover in a stunning champagne gold could be the selection for you. Coated in genuine handpicked crystals with a leather accent, every single case is left with a unique textured finish, perfect for everyday use and to also standout on those important occasions. CaseMate has cleverly sculpted a beautiful masterpiece that belongs on the red carpet and has eliminated any aspects of tackiness, to create a sublime piece of phone casing. With the ability to also charge your handset wirelessly using the brand new QI system, this little beauty really is an all singing and dancing cover. Purchase the case that will get heads turning and showcase the LG G4 as it deserves.

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·         The Everyday Reliable Case – Fuse Quicksand – If you aren’t necessarily bothered or interested in any of our featured cases above and merely want an everyday functioning case that will do the desired job, then look no further. With a matte sandstone finish this polycarbonate case will offer you protection at an everyday level using its specially formulated texture which is sweat, fingerprint and stain proof. With added access to those all-important everyday buttons and functions, such as the power button, volumes, camera option and headphone jack, you’ll be extremely surprised to learn that you can grab this no nonsense underdog and get change from a fiver. Not bad for the everyday Joe.

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