iOS 9 - What To Expect - A Complete GadgetWear Rundown

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The hotly anticipated iOS 9 firmware download is due to hit the public domain in the coming weeks and there are many rumoured features and improved aspects to wow the Apple consumers. We have therefore decided to compile all these rumours and features into one easily accessible blog for your reading pleasure.

The main overhaul in this update is likely to be Siri and how it helps the phones users navigate quicker around the smartphone. With brand new commands allowing you to access photos based on locations they were taken in, using the geotagging system enabled on the iPhone, all the way to adding important reminders to your calendar, Apple is attempting to make Siri your personal assistant on this update. When leaving work Siri might offer to open routes home based on real life traffic news or even offer to switch to your favourite music station hands free if you normally sync to your vehicles Bluetooth.

Apple have also promised several important aspects which will appeal to the mass market. An improved battery life with the option to go into a new low power mode to save that important juice, think of economy mode on laptops. Complimenting the better battery performance is the smaller sized app files and the iOS update itself also been reduced so everyone can download it and not have to go through the annoying process of deleting items to make space for the bulky update, which will certainly be music to most Apple users ear, especially as its rumoured to be an update available for all Apple products, past and present. A more user friendly operating system condensed into a much more sizeable manner.

Apple Pay is also a big deal on this update, as it’s already available across the waters in America; it will be coming to the UK when the official update is available, and will be supported by the majority of mainstream banks. You will be able to pay for your items using your phone at a click of a button within apps, as long as the Apple Pay is linked and synced up with your bank details. A more friendly shopping experience, your wallet essentially packed into your smartphone, proving they are becoming an absolute necessity to the general population.

Think of PayPal's one click option integrated into every single app that has the feature. A lot of users also rely on Google Maps to navigate around, whether it’s on foot or in a vehicle. A huge overhaul has been promised and we expect public transport routes to also be added including every single mode of transport imaginable, extremely useful for those who rely on public modes of transport or aren't too favourable on a TomTom device or other satellite navigation.

Another notable change is Apple’s ground-breaking keyboard system. The qwerty keyboard is promised to be the best on yet, with the option to add shortcuts to apps using symbols on the keyboard itself, allowing a more flowing feature to the iPhone. Auto correct will also be more intelligent and recommend your words more effectively and finally you will actually be able to tell whether the caps lock button is on or off, as it has a tendency to be very temperamental, going by personal experience.

Combine all the above with the natural little tweaks Apple always provide, and those hidden gem features that tech savvy people have to root around to find at first, alongside a new smooth interface, iOS 9 could just be the best update yet, and one certainly to rival Android. The majority of these concepts are extremely likely to be featured in iOS 9, but expect a few pleasant surprises to be thrown in for good measure too on it's official public release. To check when the update is available, make sure you stay in touch with our social media feeds as we will be right there on release day to notify you.


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