Huawei P8 - The Paradise Phone - A GadgetWear Review

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It’s fair to say that most of you reading this may not of heard of the brand Huawei before, but they are an emerging force to be reckoned with as they attempt to break into the saturated mobile market, and with their latest offering the P8, the Chinese geniuses behind the device look set to go head to head with the big boys this year, a dark horse to keep an eye on.

The Chinese boffins behind this smartphone have looked to effectively cut all the corners in an attempt to beat the Samsung and Apple giants with their flagship devices, without taking anything away from the overall quality, and they might just have managed it. Priced at a fraction of other super heavyweights on the market, the P8 is an absolute steal; especially if you read on to see its impressive statistics.

Not only has the P8 beaten its competitors on price, it is one of the slimmest and most stylish smartphones you’re ever likely to see. Boasting a 5.2 inch HD screen and offering a measly 6.4mm thickness, the P8 really does stand out with its eye catching design. Gone are the days of a cheap plastic backing, the P8 offers a full tough metal framework that not only looks sleek but will also add extra protection to the important techy bits packed inside this little beauty. A premium looking handset at a fraction of the price.

When comparing other aspects of the phone to competitors, the P8 really does put up a tough fight. The HD screen is bright, clear and crisp, meaning it wouldn’t look out of place next to some of the best HD screens on other mobile market giants. Combine this with the impressive 13MP camera integrated on the rear of the handset, which has the ability to auto adapt like a chameleon depending on lighting and noise levels, whether you’re taking a static image or a moving one, to enhance the overall image experience, making everything perfectly crisp, the P8 starts to turn heads.

Selfie lovers need not fear, as there is also a reasonable 8MP camera on the front which offers a high quality photo experience too. The clever creators behind the P8 have also managed to seemingly combine the best of both worlds in regards to Android and iOS. With a built in Android operating system, you get their flawless programmes but the overall look will leave you thinking you’re browsing on an Apple product as just one glance at a working model can make the comparison with the tiled layout.

The P8 also has an impressive 3GB ram which means processing speeds are greatly enhanced and it’s more readily built for those demanding a lot of apps or who are avid gamers. The creators behind this marvellous device also boasted in a press conference that the P8 could comfortably last 36 hours on a full battery with an average person using it the average amount of time, which seems like a fair estimation compared to other flagship handsets.

You can end up paying a fortune if you want a larger sized iPhone in terms of memory capacity, and the P8 also starts at 16GB but has the brilliant option to bump that up to a massive 128GB via the SD card slot, a very big plus in today’s market as we pack more and more into these essential gadgets. Have the masters behind this dark horse managed to create the ultimate smartphone, only time will tell, but maybe it is time to take a step into paradise. Huawei by name. Huawei by nature.


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