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We’ve all been there, a brand new shiny smart phone is released, and then 6 months later it’s already old news as a newer version is released, and we feel we have wasted a lot of money. The brand new Moto G3 handset has arrived to save the day, and has officially been announced as the best budget smartphone around.

First of all, it’s very important to highlight the price of this smartphone. Some savvy shopping around and you can pick one up for around £100-£150 or even on a contract with inclusive extras for an average of £15 per month. These prices are already a quarter of what you’d expect to pay for a top smartphone on the current market, but is there that much difference between the leading brands and the Moto G3?

The overall feel and design of the Moto G3 is pleasantly surprising, it won’t weigh down your pockets and it has a sleek curved finish which feels easy on the eye, and is a joy to navigate on when you have the smartphone in both hands. Motorola very cleverly have incorporated a water repellent finish to the handset, which will prevent damage in such circumstances as rain splash or the odd spillage, but don’t go diving into the sea with this in your pocket, as it will not withstand that amount.

Motorola have tried to bring back the fun factor in smartphones too, with the ability to swap the back cover for a variety of ready available smart looking colours. This small design ploy is brilliant, because you can have the feel of a brand new phone every time you swap the colours over, and the novelty rarely wears off, adding to the budget factor.

A bit of technical jargon now, but this will really convey how fantastic this little beauty is. The official Moto G3 stats tell us that the display is 4.5 inch with a 1280 x 720 display and incorporates a 329ppi pixel density. What does this mean though? If you looked up the flagship Apple iPhone 5S device, you will notice those stats are identical, so why pay four times the price for the same basic attributes?

The Moto G3 also boasts a 16GB internal storage, again on par with the Apple product. The HD screen even further adds to the price busting aspect, and when you also realise that the G3 has been packed with a Snapdragon processor and 1GB of ram, you will be scratching your head at why you spent a fortune on other smartphones, when this Android beauty was right before your eyes all along.

After a thorough testing process of the Moto G3, the only main aspects I could personally fault was the quality of the camera, as it’s a very modest 5MP, but if you aren’t that fussy about being snap happy then the quality should be suffice. As with every smartphone, the battery life also lacks, but you should get a full days use out of the G3 if you use it sparingly. So what are you waiting for, ditch the bigger high end smartphones and take a chance on this dark horse price busting budget beauty.


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