Jabra Sports Plus - The Ultimate Bluetooth Workout Buddy

It is widely known that the Beats range dominates the market in terms of the most common method of listening to music, but we are big fans in the office of the Jabra range if you’re a fitness fanatic and enjoy listening to music whilst working out in a comfortable manner. Fitness and gym going is a massive trend at the moment, and Jabra goes hand in hand with that demanding market.

We’ve all been there, I included, working out at the gym or on a run in the open world, and the headphones wires get in the way, tangle up or pull the actual earphones out. This is a very annoying occurrence, but the Jabra Sports Plus range eliminates this simple error. The wireless Bluetooth headset allows you to exercise freely, breaking away from the wires into a more comfortable and user friendly routine.

With the ability to control your entire music catalogue, such as skipping tracks or radio stations and music volume preferences, there are small functions on the headphones which allow you to control all this from your fingertips. You are even able to control your calls if the headphones are synced to your handset, whether you answer, ignore or divert to voicemail, the Jabra functionalities continue to wow us.

I mentioned the radio station navigation there, did I also mention that it has an FM built in radio too, so if you do forget your music, or fancy a change, you can explore the magic of radio, pure genius from Jabra. All you have to do is tune and save your favourite stations in, like you were in a vehicle, and you can listen to music on the go, Jabra really is the driving force.

The earphones also boast a very impressive set of listening dynamics, that aren’t affected by your workout; you will always have a clear and crisp listening experience. Military tested, no matter how rigorous or light your workout is, Jabra will adapt to your needs and continue to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Jabra really did their research when it came to in ear bud comfort too, as they have included a variety of sizes of detachable buds, so you can pick and choose which feels and fits you the best, enhancing your comfort whilst working out.

The behind the ear lock in system will fully ensure they never annoyingly drop out or come loose whilst working out, meaning your workout can become more productive as there will be less time playing around with other conventional in ear buds, that notoriously fall out at any given chance or movement.

The Jabra Sports Plus was made to withstand shocks, drops, rain and sweat, as well as all other conditions if you wear them to exercise on the go. I have already replaced my flimsy standard bud earphones, and haven’t looked back. We can spend a fortune or cheaper earphones, trying to find the perfect one, or spend a small sum on Jabra and eradicate all our workout problems. Jabra really is the ultimate workout buddy; get on board today and experience the most productive and enhanced fitness experience of your life.


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