LG G4 GadgetWear Review - What's It All About?

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The brand new flagship device from LG was unleashed onto the UK market recently, and I personally have never used a mobile phone from this brand, so I was extremely excited to get my hands on one to offer up an unbiased review, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Most people’s favourite Android handset is the Samsung Galaxy range, but LG have released a real dark horse to compete for the number one spot. One thing that immediately caught my eye was the backing of the case, as its rear cover is made out of genuine leather, which feels much nicer on the hand when gripped and allows you to avoid the dreaded ‘phone to face’ problem we’ve all come across when using them laid down. The leather also adds a touch of genuine class, giving it a more expensive and luxurious feel. If you’re not a fan of the leather look, you can still return to the classic titanium rear case we have all become accustomed to.

The LG G4 can also boast a very impressive 16 megapixel camera to rival its main mobile competitors, with an impressive snap speed so you will never miss those precious moments waiting for your camera to capture the image. There are also many new options on how to take the photo you desire, be it a standard option, zoomed or panoramic, there is plenty to choose from. If you read our recent review on the Samsung Galaxy S6 you would have noted that unfortunately there was no removable battery option or SD card option in this instalment, which may have put off many people as they are fairly basic functions you’d expect from an Android phone. Fear not, the LG G4 has both of these necessary functionalities, which will appeal to a wider market that may have left Samsung, but who fancy staying on the Android operating system.

In comparison to the predecessor, the LG G3, the screen size has the same dimensions, but LG have personally confirmed that the sharpness and quality is leaps and bounds in front, which is a brilliant improvement. As with all smartphones, don’t be expecting miracles when it comes to battery life, as unless it’s left totally untouched, you won’t get a solid continuous 24 hours usage out of it. The option to replace the battery is there however, top trumping the Samsung Galaxy S6 and giving its users a better mobile experience on the go.

Overall, as this is the first LG I have had the pleasure of getting to know better, it’s a brilliant piece of kit to have in the palm of your hand, and is stunning visually, with a really eye catching premium finish. The mechanics inside the phone also left me in awe, and I was potentially swayed to purchase one in the future. I think the dark horse of 2015 has truly arrived.


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