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When the Beats Electronic brand was established in 2006, I can guarantee you less than 10 years later even they will be surprised at how successful the Beats by Dre headphones have been received and are arguably the go to listening device for all fans wanting the very best premium product.

When the Beats branded headphones were launched, the main aim was to hear every single aspect of music, so you never missed a single beat, giving you a more pleasurable listening experience. The Monster Beats are a smaller in ear version of the commanding Beats Pro, the ones that resemble to huge bin lids around your ears, and cost a fraction of the price, but they do not lack in quality as would be expected in this price drop.

The Monster Beats offer a more comfortable in ear bud, practical for everyday use and extremely handy when it comes to exercising. These monster in ear speakers absolutely dwarf the flimsy free ones you’ll receive from Apple with any of their handsets or music devices, and they’re definitely worth the purchase, as we are about to tell you.

Beats love to pump away at our eardrums, blowing our minds away as all surrounding noise is totally eclipsed, but the Monster Beats have down toned this ever so slightly to give you a crisper noise, whilst retaining that unbelievable booming sound system inside your brain. The sounds are so balanced, and no matter what genre you listen to, whether it’s classical or thrash metal and anything in-between, the sound quality is always spot on with zero distortion.

The design of the Monster Beats gripped us immediately too, available in a classic black or white, they look far more expensive than they cost. Stamped with the trademarked B, the earbuds also have sleek red and blue strips to help you determine between left and right, but don’t fear the L and R are still in place.

Another great little addition is the ability to answer phone calls via the bud wires, if you have them connected to a mobile device, as there are small functional buttons giving you the option to keep your phone in your pocket and still take the call. Words don’t do these bud beauties justice, grab your pair online and step into the modern world of music making sure you don’t miss out on a single beat.



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