Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Serious Six Appeal

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If you were to simply browse via an internet search engine a review or rating of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 then you might be surprised to see it as one of the highest rating mobile phones on the current market, and possibly maybe ever. Today, we tell you why the latest flagship Samsung device is getting the plaudits.

The first port of call when you pick up and have a feel of this handset is that Samsung has finally ditched the plastic rear covers and upgraded to a very sleek, smooth and shiny metal shell. This instantly adds value to the handset, as you no longer feel the plastic may crack and eradicates the cheap tacky feel it may have had on the previous models.

Samsung have also taken note from customer feedback with their latest addition, by listening to the cries for a change of positioning to the buttons and controls located on the handset itself. This may not sound a big deal, but when you play around with this model and then previous Galaxy handsets, you really do notice the difference and the overall flow to using the phone.

Samsung’s screen however they have kept intact, and we are mighty glad of that. Their sharp precise screen offers up a very healthy 5.1 inch display, boasting an impressive 1440 x 2560 pixilation packed beauty. Pair this with the ever impressive 16 megapixel camera lens, their super tough Gorilla Glass screen and you are presented with one of the sharpest screens ever seen on a mobile phone.

Combined with Samsung’s integrated Andrioid technology and operating system, this certainly lives up to the hype of being on of the smoothest devices you'll ever get your hands on, you’re almost navigating around in HD. The handset packs an impressive 3GB of ram, and is available in a choice of 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory which should serve as enough. Samsung unfortunately have decided against given you an option to install an external memory card, which may be an issue for some users. With all the impressive specifications surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6, there of course will come a few annoying hindrances.

One of the main aspects to take note of is that you can no longer remove the battery from the Samsung, which eradicates the usefulness of purchasing a backup battery pack, almost with an Apple iPhone esque feel to it. The battery life almost mimics the Apple products too, in that it is very poor and you will rarely get a 24 hour use out of a full charge, unless you leave it dormant of course.This however can be excused, as we pack more and more technology into these tiny devices, it figures they generally will need a boost more frequently. The staggering eye watering price may also put you off, but if you’re a savvy customer you will most likely be able to negotiate a better deal and knock some valuable pennies off a monthly contract, as currently it out shadows the previously most expensive contract phone on the market, the iPhone 6.

Maybe it’s because I have been a loyal iPhone user, but the more and more I play around on the Samsung Galaxy S6 it starts to feel and look more like my iPhone 6 every day. It is far from an imitation though, Samsung have tried to create the best of both worlds in the super S6, and it quite rightly currently sits atop of the mobile market throne with some serious six appeal.


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