Samsung Galaxy S4 Active GT i9295 Launched


As if Samsung haven’t launched enough smartphones this year already. The latest model to hit the stores is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. They have adapted the S4 model to give you a more rugged and resistant phone, which is made from metal rather than plastic and includes water and dust resistant technologies (30 minutes 1 metre underwater) even includes a water resistant earphone jack allowing you to listen to music in the wettest of conditions; which is ideal for all you adventurous and outdoor types and will probably give the likes of the Xperia Z a good run for its money.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has kept the original 5 inch Full HD TFT AMOLED display holding 1920x1080 pixels resolutions which is 443ppi pixel density and the display screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 2. Samsung have added new navigation buttons for the home, options, and back buttons that are different from the original Samsung Galaxy S4. Running on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and packed with a Quad Core Processor which runs at 1.9GHz, a huge 2,600mAh battery allowing you to handle the most tasks with ease. It has 16GB of internal memory upgradable via the microSD card slot to 64GB, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC capabilities and LTE 4G support.

Boasting an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, it’s even easier to take pictures wherever and whenever you choose and features simultaneous HD video and image recording. A unique mode to the S4 Galaxy Active camera is the ‘Aqua Mode’, used for enhanced underwater images and video capture. The volume button on the side of phone becomes a camera button, allowing you to quickly take photos with ease. What’s even better is the camera flash can be used as an LED flash light too.

The Galaxy Active also combines Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and the original S4 feature apps such as Sound & Shot, Drama Shot, Air View, Air Gesture and Smart Scroll providing you with you advanced numerous ways to control your phone. There are loads of added bonuses to this phone too such as Glove Touch technology so you can control the phone whilst even wearing gloves. The built-in WatchOn app interacts with the infrared port to let you control your TV like a remote control.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is available in many stores now starting from around the £33 a month on contract and around the £500 mark for the SIM Free option.


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