Brilliant. Brutish. Ballistic. The Official Case Collection Review

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I absolutely love a tough and sturdy case, especially when it has the appeal to look good as well. A very popular range here at GadgetWear as you may well know is the UAG military casing, but if you fancy a slight variation then we also stock the bestselling Ballistic range too. Starting at only £11.99 online and doing relatively the same job as the UAG collection, with an added bonus of visually looking better, it’s no surprise Ballistic are taking the mobile case world by storm.

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Whether it’s the Tough Jacket, Urbanite or Explore choice you opt for, you won’t be let down in terms of quality, with each option offering a unique protection experience. The Tough Jacket range is the ultimate protector, with its patented USP of the amazing HexTec technology, which offers a six sided drop protection and when you pair that with the ability to withstand a 7 foot drop, this range of casing becomes a formidable defender.

Rigorous testing has been put into the Ballistics’ ability to withstand damage and drops, and any simple internet browser search will find countless videos putting this to the test with the Ballistic range coming out on top each time. The specially designed shock absorbing curved lip edges will add extra security to your phone or tablet, minimalising the surface contact it will ever actually come directly in battle with.

The Explore and Urbanite casing may be slightly more affordable, but don’t be put off by the lesser price tag, as every single Ballistic case will do the job you desire. Each range is designed and engineered with the fantastic HexTec technology with a 6-8 foot drop range, meaning Ballistic doesn’t have a lesser incompetent range, every single case with their trademark stamp will feature their unique design work. In comparison with the UAG collection, due to the nature of the job both brands boasts they can offer, there is one significant difference which will stand out to most consumers.

Visually, the Ballistic collection is far more striking, with smooth and sleek designs which are also available in several colour choices. Although the designs may be simple, you will not be put off by large bulky unnecessary parts, which sometimes lack appeal when on the device itself. Ballistic have really gone all out here in an attempt to please every corner of the market, as they know first and foremost the majority of cases are bought on a visual impact sale. So there it is, Ballistic really is the all-singing and dancing case collection, so what are you waiting for, live life to the max with the ultimate defender companion protecting your cherished devices.


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