Nokia Lumia 1520 - A GadgetWear Review

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The Nokia Lumia brand, it has certainly come a long way since it’s very first smartphone release several years ago which had a bundle of mixed reviews along with a lot of teething issues. Over the years Nokia has gradually become a massive household name again when it comes to supplying mobile phones, and the 1520 is just more proof of the massive strides of progress the brand continues to convey.

There has been an ever growing demand lately for larger high quality screen sizes and the phablet craze is taking the world by storm. To date, this offering from Nokia ticks all the boxes you’d demand from such a device, and seems to be their flagship model to capture the market with as there have been no movements on a newer model to be introduced in the near future. This is the very first Windows ready phone to enable a full HD 1080p display, which means the user will be submersed in its fantastic high resolution quality. It is also the first Windows ready handset to feature a sublime quad core processor, most namely the fantastic Snapdragon chip. 

The 6 inch screen will wow you. Not only because of its qualities but the little integrated pieces of technology that annoy an everyday user but never seem to be rectified by the large companies. Such little things as been able to fully use the highly sensitive touch screen whilst wearing regular gloves, meaning you don’t need to purchase one of those fancy fingertip enhanced pairs, and even better you can see the screen more clearer when outside, gone are the days of adjusting the brightness every time you move location, as I have found with the iPhone mobiles.

If you’re not familiar with the Nokia Lumia models, they operate with a tile system on the homepage, which is where you can hold and drag your most used apps or functions onto a homepage, the same as you’d find on any Windows operating computer or laptop system. The screen size increases your usage, meaning you can pack in more of those everyday items onto your homepage, to save you fiddling about navigating to them.

A highly impressive 32GB internal memory and the ability to add a further large chunk via a memory card chip will appeal to most users, most notable those who have handsets with built in memory only, who may be tempted to jump ship. The design of the handset is extremely stunning too; with a smart sleek polished finish it does baffle me why this handset isn’t capturing many more people’s attention. Combine this with a slim finish taking away any unnecessary bulk and a more than useful 20 megapixel rear camera, the 1520 seems to have everything.

Saying that, the phone is one of the heaviest I have ever come across, especially as I had to wedge it into a standard sized pocket, although it may have been snug, sometimes bigger isn’t better. By classifying it as a heavier handset, don't expect to be carrying around a brick, excuse the pun, it's just not as lightweight as some of the other popular mobiles available. As promised, Nokia do seem to be listening to customer demands and are taking those all important strides to improve each handset whenever a flagship device is released and I most certainly will be keeping my eye out for their next offering.


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