Lunatic Or Lunatik? Stylus Pens For Your Phone & Tablet Device


In an age of mobile and tablet users who interact more and more everyday with friends and family, we have seen apps such as SnapChat rise to fame where you can draw sketches and send them to your loved ones.

Alongside the basic notepads and sketch book apps each operating device has preloaded, or available to download for free, there is more of a demand to become more artistic with the freedom to express via these apps. This in turn has led to the demise of writing letters to those you want to interact with, or even putting pen to paper for basic everyday tasks, such as writing shopping lists, which have even managed to work their way onto mobiles.

Well now, you can combine the two and bring back the passion of handwriting live to your gadgets. Unfortunately the human finger isn’t as subtle or slight as a paintbrush, and if you were to use an everyday pen on your screen you could risk scratching it or even marking it permanently. The Lunatik stylus pens will change the way we navigate around our devices for years to come.

Manufactured from the highest quality premium materials, boasting an aircraft grade aluminium barrel, the patent pending dual mode tip will give you the freedom you require and have longed for in relation to touch screen responsiveness and flow. You can now freely navigate around the full screen using the Lunatik pen, answer calls, reply to emails and of course draw those high quality sketches.

The seamless transition and quality of the Lunatik pen will make you feel as if you’re writing on paper and will make you wonder how you managed before it. It doesn’t stop there though; the Lunatik pen is also a fully functional premium gel ink pen, available in a range of stylish clean colours, with the high quality feel and grip you’d expect to pay for a premium handwriting pen in the current market.

Combining the two fantastic features together, you’d be surprised to see this range priced at an affordable £26.99 and as the brand highlights, you’d be a lunatic not to try Lunatik.


·         Integrated dual-mode tip

·         Capacitive rubber grip works on all touch screens

·         Premium Gel ink refill (.07)


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