Apple iPhone 6: A Personal Review

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It can be hard to find an honest unbiased review of a mobile device when scouring the internet, technology forums and magazines. I have owned several iPhones in the past, as well as other major handsets from different brands, so I feel comfortably placed to discuss the latest Apple instalment without the need to be one sided.

I converted to Apple from Blackberry several years ago, a step I was unwilling to take due to the BBM hype that was around at the time, but I haven’t looked back since. After previously owning the 4 and 5, the 6 really does feel like a huge step up if you’re familiar with previous models. I have owned the 6 for around six months now and I am pleasantly delighted to not have received any major issues or problems with it thus far.

First of all, boasting a 4’7 inch HD retina display, the screen size is extremely crisp and clear with the overall size of the handset feeling just right as it sits comfortably in your hand. The touch screen is also one of the most responsive I have come across, offering a very sensitive display making it easier to navigate around and reply to texts, without the worry of the screen sticking or coming out of alignment.

The camera is an absolute delight also, although it factually is only 8 megapixels, the quality of the built in lens enhances the picture, resulting in a clear and crisp end result. You also have many magnificent camera add on choices, such as panorama to capture the whole picture in front of you, as well as the ability to edit your photo as soon as you’ve captured it.

The processor is a beautiful piece of kit too, when navigating around my device and surfing the internet, it is almost like turning a page in a book, with minimal loading time or distortion. With hundreds of essential built in apps, such as satellite navigation, it really does pack everything you’d need for a daily routine. I could go on forever about how brilliant this device is in my opinion, but I do have a few honest negative aspects to highlight.

You are very unlikely to get more than 24 hours of use from a full battery charge, but in a counter argument I have found the device also charges much faster than previous models which almost eradicates that hinderance. I also opted for the 16GB memory unbeknown that around a quarter of that is already filled by protected apps and instalments from Apple that you cannot remove, so I would opt for a higher capacity if you have the choice.

Overall, the Apple iPhone 6 is certainly the most impressive handset I have ever owned, especially as I have yet to encounter any problems with it. Its amazing positive aspects easily outweigh the few minor issues I have spoken about, but I am certainly going to stick with Apple for the foreseeable future and I am extremely excited about their next release. 


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