Top 5 Nexus 5 Cases

The Nexus 5 is undoubtedly one of the best handsets available: it’s affordable, looks great and has the software you’d expect on a phone double its price.
Like all phones though, the Nexus 5 needs a cover to keep it protected from the daily bumps and scratches that, no matter how careful you are you just can’t seem to avoid.  Here we’ll look at the top three Nexus 5 cases:
Monochrome is this season’s big trend, so what better way to see the season through than to add that monochrome feel to your handset, with this stunning white case.
The Textures Super Shield Hard Shell Case is made from a high grade material, that fits the Nexus 5 like a glove, ensuring that you can easily access all the ports and features of the phone.
As a Super Shield Hard Case, the Nillkin Matte stops any exterior damage from getting to the phone and also includes a dimple of the back to help with grip and prevent those butterfingers moments.  Even better, with this case you also get a free polishing cloth and screen protector.
Go back two years and no one had ever heard of a glass screen protector, now they’re the most popular choice, with many opting to forego a case and simply protect the display of the phone instead. Personally I’d use both to help keep the entire phone in tip top condition.
What makes this set different to the rest though is that not only does it come with the Glass Screen Protector but you get rear protectors too.  These are film rather than glass, but add a level or protection to the back of the phone.
The Tempered Glass Screen Protector has a unique anti-glare coating, that’s also anti-fingerprint and anti-oil, which is perfect for keeping the display clean; as lets face it there’s nothing worse than having your screen full of dirty fingerprints!
Topping our list of Nexus 5 covers, the Fresh Series Leather & Polycarbonate Flip Case Cover in Blue protects the entire phone from damage, combining a polycarbonate back with a soft leather front cover, that cushions the screen and absorbs any shocks and bumps.
Manufactured with the Nexus 5 in mind, the cover allows access to all the ports and features of the handset, including the camera and charging port.  The cover doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone either, instead helping to add grip so you’re less likely to drop the phone.
The soft blue colour of this cases adds a splash of colour to the handset, giving it some extra personality and character.
So that’s out Top 3 Nexus 5 covers, but which cases would make yours?  Let us know in the comments below.


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