Best iPhone 5S Cases Roundup

The iPhone 5S hasn’t been around too long, yet we’re already second guessing what features an iPhone 6 might have…. Will it be bigger? Will it have wireless charging? Or will it come with a completely new iOS?

Nevertheless, the iPhone 5S is a real quality handset, with a forward thinking design and excellent features.  It’s not surprise the handset is so popular!  Like any phone though it needs protecting to stay in top condition, so we’ve rounded up some of the Best iPhone 5S cases available.

Rock Wood Series Case


So you want a case that looks sophisticated and keeps your entire phone protected? Then the Rock Wood Series Case is the perfect case for you.

Featuring a natural wood trim on the front and back of the case, the Rock wood series protects the entire phone from daily damage, whilst also having a hidden functionality: it has a built in stand, meaning that you can prop your iPhone at the perfect angle for streaming media, all whilst still in the case.

As expected, you still have access to all the ports and features of the phone, so you don’t need to worry about running out of juice when streaming.


Rock Shield Series Protective Double Dip Case

What I like about the Rock Shield Series Case is that the design matches that of the iPhone, by having the colour block panel on the rear.

The case comes in two parts, the polycarbonate mesh outer, that protects the phone and even helps with heat dissipation and the coloured rubber silicone lining, which adds grip and a splash of colour.  For extra protection, there are covers for all the ports of the phone, including the charging port and volume buttons.

Hoco Royal Series Duke Real Leather Flip Case


Another genuine leather case, the Hoco Royal Series case uses a tough polycarbonate shell to house your phone and hold it in place, whilst the soft leather cushions the devices against the shocks from any bumps and scratches.


As the case has a cover that protects the front, the display of the phone is protected when not in use.  A simple top grip clasp is used to keep the cover closed, rather than magnets.


The polycarbonate shell contains all the cutouts needed to keep the phone working at all times, so you can still access the charging port.  This makes the case ideal for use when typing or working.


LifeProof Case


The Lifeproof Case is the king of all iPhone 5S covers for those who enjoy being outdoors and are in environments that could damage your phone.  

Dustproof, waterproof and even drop-proof, the LifeProof isn’t the slimmest of covers, but you’re phone is 100% safe, so you have complete peace of mind.

You still have full access to your phone when in the LifeProof case, but all the ports have seals, so that they are protected.  The screen is also protected - meaning there isn’t an inch of your phone that the Lifeproof case isn’t looking after.


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