iPad Mini 2 Rumours About Release and Specification


It looks like Apple are going to revamp the iPad Mini with a new and improved version called the iPad Mini 2 if all the rumours and leaked photos that are floating around the internet are true. It’s believed to be coming out sometime at the back end of this year, so just what is Apple going to offer us this time round?

If rumours are true then this little beauty will remain exactly the same size as the iPad Mini being 7.9 inch in size which could include retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 which is over 300ppi and could also include the Latest Gorilla Glass protection. Along with retina display the iPad Mini 2 specs may incorporate enhanced camera functions with an 8MP rear camera, a speedier quad-core processor possibly an Apple A6X processor and significantly more RAM and might additionally see an overhaul in programming with the IOS 7 framework which Apple released earlier in the year.

Rumours are also suggesting a totally new design to the iPad Mini 2, thicker casing suggesting that it will hold the retina display technology and a change in colour scheme to the Apple logo is also reported. Apple may stay true to form with storage options as the original iPad Mini but with the iPad 4 packing in 128GB of storage the new Mini 2 could well see a change here.

No official word from Apple as yet to confirm whether these rumours are true - so watch this space!


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