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Impossibly thin and weighing only 469 grams, the iPad Air proves that the best things can come in the smallest packages. Plus with more power than the previous-generation iPad, you now have an A7 chip, advance wireless and the most productive iOS to come from Apple yet.

We love the iPad Air and we’ve got some great iPad Air cases in stock to keep the super light tablet in top condition.

 Rock Elegant Series

Combining dual materials, the Rock Elegant Series case has a great mixture of textures and aesthetics: a grippy front cover and a smooth, rigid polycarbonate shell.  Therefore you really do get the best of both worlds with this case - full protection and the grip to prevent those butterfingers moments.

The front cover uses a ‘tri-fold’ design, meaning that it can be folded over to create a stable, functional viewing stand, perfect for streaming movies and playing games.  Even better it gives you a nice angle for when you’re typing on the iPad.

As the case has been made with the iPad Air in mind, it contains cut-outs for all the vital ports and features so that the iPad remains fully functional at all times.

The Rock Elegant Series is the perfect case for those who want both protection and functionality.

 HOCO Duke Series Leather Case

The latest case in the HOCO series, this grain faux leather case combines a functional design with the look and feel of business; making it perfect for both work and social.

Designed with both protection and style in mind, the entire iPad is protected from daily damage, whilst the soft leather interior cushions the iPad from any shocks.  Even better this iPad Air cover retains the slim design of the iPad.

When in the case, your iPad Air is held securely in place with a hard polycarbonate shell, therefore the screen is clear from any interference and all the ports and features are completely accessible.  This also means that when the front cover is folded back into a stand, you have access to the entire screen.

The HOCO Duke Series is the perfect case for both business and social.

ROCK Wood Series Case

A new design especially for the iPad Air, the ROCK Wood Series Case has a distinctive book look about it, with its wooden spine and elegant design.

The wooden trim is combined with a premium faux leather body and hard polycarbonate this.  This keeps the iPad in place securely, whilst the faux leather gives a soft touch and sophisticated feel, whilst absorbing any shocks.

The case folds at the rear to allow the iPad to be propped at the perfect position for typing, swiping or streaming.  You can use your iPad handsfree.

All the ports and features of the iPad are fully accessible with the Wood Series Case, with the volume and sleep switches having built in covers for added protection.  Even better, the front cover of the case works with the sleep function of the iPad, meaning that you can save battery power when the tablet isn’t in use.

The ROCK Wood Series Case is the ultimate bespoke case, without the bespoke price tag.


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