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After the much awaited launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung is set to release its new phone Samsung Galaxy S5. There are lots of expectations from Samsung Galaxy S5. The previous model S4 was able to meet the expectations of many by its sophisticated and high-end features. It was clearly a market winner. Through its light weight and powerful screen, the S4 won the hearts of many. Now the much awaited Galaxy S5 is rumoured to be releasing in March with both London and New York as touted locations for its first release. The S5 is also rumoured to be priced around £550. 
There are a number of rumours associated not only with the release date of the phone but also around its design and shape and functionalities that it will offer. Below are some predictions and rumours surrounding the release and features of S5. 
Processor and Operating System
There are a lot of rumours suggesting that the Galaxy S5 will have a 64-bit A7 CPU processor, which apparently Apple has used for Iphone 5s.  Samsung S5 is likely to have the latest version of Android 4.4 Kitkat which was launched in October 2013. 
Samsung is already known to be a market leader in producing sharp displays. It is possible for Samsung to bring the S5 with a 2K QHD display. The screen size is suggested to be 5.25 inches. Rumours also suggest that Samsung may use LCD panels instead of the AMOLED technology previously used. 
Although Samsung has kept its mobile phone designs similar over the past few years, but there are strong rumours that this time around Samsung may try and introduce a new design for S5. The design prototypes currently floating on the internet suggest that S5 may be thinner than S4 and is likely to be a curved shape model. This could possibly be a new design on the lines of Galaxy Round and LG’s G- Flex. However, some reports also suggest a squarer shape for S5. 
The previous S4 had a 13 MPs camera. Samsung is suggested to now introduce a 16 MP camera, which won’t be able to match with Sony’s Xpera at 20.7 MPs but nonetheless presents with a good camera. 
There are multiple reports suggesting that the phone will release in at least two flavours; one in plastic and the other in metal.  Some rumours strongly suggest that the Galaxy S5 will feature a metal case, but other reports suggest that S5 will adopt a chassis featuring compound materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber/plastic for its new smartphone. 
Eye Scanner
Earlier reports suggested that S5 will have an Iris scanner. The retina scanner reports are now being dismissed. However, reports now suggest that Samsung may opt for fingerprint scanner. 
While the previous S4 has a 2600mAH battery, S5 is suggested to have a 2900mAH battery, which will be able to get recharged in two hours. 
Other possible features
Samsung’s phones have traditionally have had a dedicated home button. However, some reports suggest that Samsung might get rid of this home button and may add a finger print scanner. Whereas some reports also suggests that Samsung may have got rid of the home button. Reports also suggest that Samsung might update its music player. 


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