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LG's curved screen G Flex is LG’s first attempt for a curved mobile phone. LG G Flex has already gone for pre-order in the UK with a premium price. Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that it will sell the phone and it is expected to go for a price of £689 SIM-free.  
Release Date: 
Carphone Warehouse has suggested that the G Flex is expected to arrive on the 1st of February. The phone is currently on pre-order and you can expect it to turn quicker on your doorstep if you order early. 
This unusually shaped smartphone has grabbed much attention. LG has predicted a huge market for curved smartphones. It is indicated that these curved smartphones will grow to as much as $2.5 billion by 2018. This may present the beginning to something exciting coming up in the next few years. This may also change the way we look at smartphones.
The LG G Flex smartphone is the first curve phone off LG’s shelf. It has a 6-inch display and is considered bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The sides of G flex are flat neat the top which allows you plenty of space to place your fingers to rest. 
Key specifications:
LG G Flex: Specs
LG's G Flex is expected to go head-on Samsung's Galaxy Round which is curved on the sides than top-to-bottom. Here are some key specs of LG G Flex
Software Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean
Display 6 inches curved screen (720 x 1280, 245ppi)
Processor 2 GB RAM
Internal storage 32GB
Camera 13MP rear camera, 1080 video at 60fps
Battery 3500 mAH 
LG G Flex comes with some extremely prominent features. It is more of a phablet than a smartphone. For instance, the phablet is all geared up with a 2GB RAM, internal storage of a whooping 32GB and 13MPs camera. The speakers are at the bottom of the backside, which works incredibly well with the phone design. The speakers are slightly elevated which is due to the phone’s curvature. This elevation allows the music and speaker calls to be much louder than the usual smartphones. 
The battery performance is also extremely good at 3500 mAH. Although it has a 6 inch screen, LG claims that the G flex can take up to 80 kg weight on top of it. On top of this, G Flex also comes with some extremely important additions. For instance, G Flex is equipped with a Quick Theatre feature. This allows users to make full use of the curved screen and lets the user access pictures, videos and YouTube directly from the lock screen. It makes it extremely easy to access these options by simply dragging outwards with two fingers. 
LG’s G Flex is equipped with a self-healing coating. LG suggests that this molecular structure allows the phone to recover from scratches from springing back. LG’s G flex is currently available in silver and dark grey colour. However, there is a possibility that it might come in other colours in the future.  Overall, LG G Flex is a curved sleek smartphone. It not only offers a stunning vertical curve but also features such as QuickTheater, Dual Window and Face Detection technology, a camera timer and an urgent call alert system. 


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