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Nokia X2


Now that Microsoft has bought out Nokia, the company has launched an Android phone, which seems a bit counter intuitive. Microsoft has said, however, that it will not allow any viable phone operating system market to remain unexplored. Clearly, Microsoft want to get into the phone market in a big way, no matter what it takes. The phone comes with a tiles interface similar to Windows phone 8.0, but it is clear that the phone is not a true Windows phone at a glance, although some effort has gone into creating the WP interface on the Android phone.

Some reality

The phone is based on the 4.1.2 Jellybean, and has a 2.2” QVGA display. There is a 5MP camera that is capable of taking video, and the phone is estimated to cost is 83 GBP in India. Speaking of India, the Nokia X series has a huge following in the country and Pakistan and other 3rd World countries. They just can’t seem to get enough of these things. It goes to show you that, just because a phone is not popular in the West, does not make it a bad or unmarketable phone. In fact, the World’s biggest selling phone is a Candybar only capable of sms and talking calls.


The phone is 13mm thick and weighs in at 81g. It has dual speakers, dedicated music keys and FM stereo. It also has 4GB of storage, 512k of RAM and a microUSB slot (32GB), Bluetooth 2.1 and, USB2.0. The processor is a 1GHz dual core cortex A-5 coupled with an Adreno 206 GPU. The battery power is 1500mAh.

Music can be arranged via a desktop client of Nokia’s OviPlayer or Microsoft’s Windows Player 11. The phone also has direct access to Facebook and Nokia Messaging for emails and Instant Messaging. You can access apps via the Ovistore and download what’s missing, such as WhatsApp.

Microsoft again

Microsoft are clearly stating that they are not closing out the Android market, and it will be interesting to see if Nokia is allowed to bring out a full-blown Android phone under the Microsoft umbrella. I hope it does. Imagine an Android phone with the Microsoft logo. It’s a great combination of financial and technological credibility, coupled with a proven operating system. They have done this before too, with Apple.


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