Huawei P9 – Yay or Nay?

Huawei P9 – Yay or Nay?
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With Huawei building momentum in the past few years, we’ve long awaited this latest release from the Chinese based phone company. The P9 is claimed to be one of the best from the company with a new innovative design and dual-camera feature. However, does the phone do enough to match the competition of Samsung and Apple handsets? Let’s find out!

Huawei P9

If we take a glimpse into what the Huawei P9 is good for it would include the powerful camera on both sides of the handset, the premium and sleek design and its affordability. However, while the cameras are good, they aren’t on the same level as competitors and the screen could be a lot better to say the least.

Looking to be the best phone released by Huawei to date, the P9 is taking over from its predecessor, the P8, which lacked any real unique selling point. But this time around, Huawei has claimed that the P9 is a phone to really shout about.

12MP Lenses

Huawei has teamed up with Leica, a leading camera and photograph company. Together, they have worked together on engineering two cameras that are both 12MP. But if you think you’ll be able to take excellent and bright photos with the front-facing camera, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, it is in monochrome (yes, that’s black and white). While it may save you having to filter your photographs, it would be nice to be able to pictures in colour.

It’s claimed that when both cameras are used at the same time, and with the addition of the data collected from the monochrome camera, photo brightness can be boosted by 200%, and contrast by 50% over a standard single RGB snapper.

Refocus Feature

Another great feature which the P9 has is Refocus. This allows you to change the focus point of an image after taking a shot as well as allowing you to generate a Bokeh effect, which is where you can blur the background and keep the foreground in focus - or vice versa. During post-production, you can also add filters to your blur – a great feature!

Sleek and Stylish Design

This Huawei handset is visually comparable to Apple’s iPhone range with a sleek and smooth design. The rounded corners, brushed aluminum body and antenna bands on the rear are all very much like the design of the iPhone.

However, while the P9 physically looks and feels like a premium phone, there’s not much on it that lives up to its market competition. But, with the release date looming, you can find out for yourself in no time!


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